Well Hello There Blogger

It's been over a year since I last posted on this blog, so I'm posting now just to know I still can. I see Blogger hasn't changed much during the past year, which is good (I think), because I actually like this version of Blogger better than the older ones.

We've moved (again) from Caloocan to Bulacan, back to the province where I was born and raised in. We're waiting to be able to move in to the house that I'm paying for, although I'm not sure when that's going to happen (hopefully this year) so right now we're renting still.

It's a pretty quiet neighborhood, a perfect environment for raising a kid. Not much pollution, little to no crime, you can still bike around (even at night) without fearing for your life at every turn.

We can easily commute to the city if and when we need to. Note the word, need. Wanting to be city-bound has been less and less appealing to us, I observed. Sign of getting older? I think yes.

My mom and all my sisters live nearby, which is a huge plus. I love that we are able to bond more frequently now, something I've missed since we all went our separate ways when we had families of our own.

The sisters four

Svet is happy at her school, because she has lots more classmates now compared to when she was at her old school when she was in prep.

I couldn't say the same for both Paulie and I, we have little faith in the public school system now. We have firmly decided that next year Svet will be enrolled in a private school again.

There's just too many things about the public school curriculum that we do not agree with, and we believe it is in Svet's best interest if she spends the rest of her schooling years in the private education sector.

So I guess that's pretty much my life now. Not particularly exciting or adventurous, but it suits me just fine :)

The Magic of Receiving a Package

 It's a happy day in our house when we receive a package. Whether it's a gift from a friend or just stuff we bought online, there's a certain buzz in the air that can only be described as intense excitement when we know something's coming.

Svetlana has an excuse. Children get hyper over the littlest of things, that's a given. But Paulie and I get as giddy as two small kids on Christmas morning in front of a pile of presents. How do you explain that?

It's especially magical for us if it's unexpected, like Santa Claus has decided to drop in early to give us a reward for being extra nice.

For instance, Clarissa, my dear friend from Japan sent us stuff for bento-making, and we were through the roof pumped! It's amazing how the simplest of things can make you happy. Yes?

When we went for a bit of online shopping at Zalora yesterday, we are practically jumping up and down whenever somebody knocks on our gate. Imagine two adults and a preschooler getting super high. Not pretty.

Is it human nature? Or is it just crazy running in the family? But no matter. We are expecting at least three more packages this month, and we feel beyond awesome!