The Secret Is Out!

When I first heard of the Red Chair Confessions site, I didn't even think it was connected to a company. I seriously thought it was a personal blog. But then I learned that it was a ploy of a "secret" advertiser. I couldn't wait to see who it turns out to be, so I waited in rapt anticipation. After all, it is genius marketing. I've never heard of anybody else attempt this kind of advertising before, and being a faithful believer in the power of blogging, I was impressed by the idea.

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long. Never had I imagined that it would be for a retailing company, much less a huge one. It turned out that the site is for and by Talbots. Now the Forgive Me Father, Again video (below) makes perfect sense. I was really surprised. I have this impression that Talbot's is just for moms. It turns out they have been repackaging, changing their image to target not only moms, but women (and girls!) in general. But I must say, they did a good job. I've been coming back ever since. I LOVE the Covet This and Spotted (where they itemize the clothing of someone famous they catch on the street) categories, where they feature the most gorgeous Talbots items.

How about you? Have you found something fabulous to covet in the Talbots website? What is it? You gotta tell me. :)


Google PR Update

I was updating some of WAHMaholic's pages when I noticed my PR1 there is no longer, and in it's place is a PR2. PR3 would be a better upgrade, but well, an increase is still an increase. Besides, I haven't given serious effort in increasing it after this blog's PR went from 3 to gray. Yeah. Harsh, right? I requested for reconsideration a couple of weeks back, and it was good that I did it then, because it seems that Google listened and removed the gray PR. It's just a zero, yes, but it's better than that disgusting gray PR.

Okay so now I'm kind of motivated to try and build back links and all those stuff we're supposed to do to increase our PR. I'm crossing my fingers that it would be another increase for both my blogs the next time they update,which would be at least several months from now. How about you? Were you affected by today's update? If you were affected, Google says don't fret too much about it if your site's PageRank has gone down or else, not changed in months. I'm serious. Taken from their FAQ:

Don't worry. In fact, don't bother thinking about it. We only update the PageRank displayed in Google Toolbar a few times a year; this is our respectful hint for you to worry less about PageRank, which is just one of over 200 signals that can affect how your site is crawled, indexed and ranked. PageRank is an easy metric to focus on, but just because it's easy doesn't mean it's useful for you as a site owner. If you're looking for metrics, we'd encourage you to check out Analytics, think about conversion rates, ROI (return on investment), relevancy, or other metrics that actually correlate to meaningful gains for your website or business.

If you like sports, you'll love BeterZ, the best free sports betting game offering bets on football, tennis, rugby, cricket, basketball, formula 1 and many others - most of them even in a live-betting mode. That gives you the extra thrill!

The BeterZ network offers you an active community where you can compare yourself to other members in the rankings, have followers copying your bets and share and discuss your opinions. You are awarded BZ, the local currency, and these can be exchanged for amazing prices like a PS3, football jerseys or a trip to Barcelona.

BeterZ is a cool startup bringing all sports lovers and bettors at one place, giving you to learn tactics of the experts and apply them when you place your own bets. When you subscribe to BeterZ by this blog, you'll get extra points to place your bets - that's awesome, isn't it?

Have You Ever...

Lost appetite because something you are reading is not really something you're supposed to read during a meal? Yes, gross stuff. I just did. And I know I get grossed out easily by things that I read so I don't know why I am reading while eating in the first place. I don't even know if anyone is like that too. I also don't know why I'm okay with talking about gross stuff while eating but I lose my appetite when I read something eeww while stuffing food in my mouth. When I read I tend to imagine myself in the story, so maybe that's why. And maybe that's because I prefer reading a novel rather than seeing it's movie counterpart, because movies just take away some of the magic of the words printed on the page of a book. Like the Angels and Demons book and flick. Scarred flesh isn't as yuck in the movie as it was described in the book. Oh my, this is so random. Although very characteristic of this blog's title. I am rambling. Again. Somebody shut me up.

My Name Is K

I used to be Kaye, but my friends J and C sound so cool with just a single letter name attached to them, and I'm always trying hard to sound cool, thus, K. Hehe. Anyway, I think my mom never meant for it to be spelled like Kaye. If mom had her way, it would be just K. In fact, I was KM then (The only person who calls me that now is my ladies' man of a college professor who's known me ever since I was in diapers because he and my mom are old friends), which stands for my first name (Karina) and my last name. My sister who's here now is RB, which stands for Rikka Bren (they're still here, btw, and I think will be for some time until she and her husband patches things up and he fetches them here. Oookay. Don't tell her I told you that because I will be so dead).

But I grossly digress. It was only me who appended the -aye to my nickname (because I thought it looked cool then). But from now on, I will be commenting on your blogs as K (except on Fedhz' blog where I will keep my old name in the duration of the contest for purposes of the widget. LOL). I'm telling you now lest you raise your eyebrows in question of who is this K who acts as if she's known you for a long time (feeling close). Niahehe. I know. I'm rambling.

Blogging In My Bath Robe

Is one thing I will never do. Haha. The last drop of water after taking a bath should be immediately followed by a quick towel and an even quicker dressing up if I was not to die of cold. Not even a towel wrap will do, although this black one below with pink polka dot border you could maybe convince me to wear because I love pink on black AND polka dots. But only for a few moments okay? Hee hee.

Maybe a bit longer if I'm on a thick terry bath robe with the long sleeves and a snug belt. A monogram with my initials on it would be too fab (although that would keep hubby from wearing it. He is such a stickler for small clothing details like that). So maybe we'll get one for each of us. But I'll get the green one and he'll get the black. Or maybe since he's not as prone to cold as I am, he can have one waffle bath robe for himself. Black, of course. He has a thing for black garments. Not as thick but equally comfortable.

Connection Horrors

I haven't gone online lately as much as I want to because our internet connection is intermittent due to the storm. I'm only glad that Ramil (local storm name) is not as fierce as the last two that passed, so we still get a breath of connection every now and then. Plus we get to watch movies while the internet is down because the electricity is still on. I saw 17 Again the other day, and Fedhz told me she's going to review it (she's the one who told me to watch it, fyi) but I have yet to read that. Hee hee.

I'm (kind of) busy with a very violet WordPress site right now, but what with the crappy connection, I can't test it live and it's really slowing down my progress. Anyway, I hope the owner is not too anxious about having it installed already. Hee hee. I will be back and blogging away once our internet is stable. Gawd I can't wait for November so I can change our stupid ISP to a (I hope) better one. That's when our contract for the current ISP expires, so I'm going to have to wait until then. I hope this post finds you safe wherever you are. Have a happy weekend everyone!

Chocolate-Colored Insulated Lunch Tote

With Svet growing up so fast, I can't help but think of her schooling already. How she'll deal with it, what can I do to help her get through it easily and what stuff should I buy for her to make her schooling fun. This chocolate-colored mint insulated lunch tote is a beauty to behold, and it was love at first sight. With bubble foil protecting the insides, Svet will have little problem with carrying her lunch to work (she likes to toss things around).

This matching chocolate-colored toddler backpack should be enough to pack in all her things when it's already time for her to go to school. Just the right size for her (because she is a small child) to carry around.

Now this matching nap mat right here would be perfect not only for her future school needs but also for going to the park. Since it's padded, we can put it on top of our old park mat so Svet stays comfortable when she's taking a nap after trying all the installations in the playground.

Oh gorgeous. I wonder if these ship. Gotta find out!

It's Decided

My (our me and Peh's, whatever she decides) blogversary will take place early next year. I didn't mean to excite you for nothing by announcing it early. I didn't realize there were so many contests going on right now until late November when I first decided to announce that I'll hold a contest. My actual blogversary is drawing near, and although it would pe possible to hold it still, there wouldn't be enough prizes to go around and enough time for me to tally whatever it is that needs to be tallied to determine the winners. I have already formulated the mechanics in my mind and have in fact made a draft post about it, so that's not part of the reason why I'm postponing (honest! hee hee. I came up with them when we had no electricity for more than two days. That's what happens when I'm bored out of my skull.)

Anyways, so early next year it will be. Oh. I forgot to include that one other factor would be that there's a high probability we would be leaving for Bulacan (yep, a LOT close to Manila. yay! Plans to meet with the blogger gang is in the works, but there's nothing definite just yet) immediately after Christmas to celebrate the New Year with Paulie's family. So even if I set the contest to end early December, I don't want that extra pressure near the holiday season on my back. I hope y'all understand. I was just too excited to make the banner for the contest, methinks. Muhahaha! BUT, the contest will still definitely happen. I've already noted those who came forward for sponsorship (thank YOU, again). I will be contacting you guys soon. Sponsorships are still open, btw. So there's something for all of us to look forward to in the start of the new year.

Meanwhile, why don't we focus out attention on Fedhz', Mye's, Gene's and Azumi's contests? There are tons of great prizes at stake and they are still on-going. I think from the above, Azumi's contest will end the earliest (at the 27th, if I'm not mistaken), so go out there and take your chances on the contests of these lovely girls! Not only will you have an opportunity to win, you will also help their sites in your own way. Hope to see you on the list of participants!

My Sister Is Here!

Not here just YET (i'm just so excited, thus the title. Hee hee). I don't know what came over her (I told Fedhz, maybe my sister read my post about her? hee hee) and she is already on her way here with her son and one of my favorite cousins (the one I talked about here). They should be arriving very early tomorrow and I can't wait already! I'll be over at my mom's house more often now that they're here, so I think I'll be scheduling my posts again. LOL. I'm as excited as Niko when the girl is about to fly to Palawan, heck even as excited as Pehpot now that her delivery of our much-awaited Sati is nearing! Call me crazy but I just miss that girl so, SO much. Plus she told me over IM that my nephew is SOOO talkative now, so that made me doubly excited. Well, gotta sleep now. Must wake up early tomorrow. Hee hee.

Oh man!

Do-do-do-do-do-Dora! Do-do-do-do-do-Dora! Do-do-do-do-do-Dora! Do-do-do-do-do-Dora! Let’s go! Dora Dora Dora the Explorer! DORA! Boots and super cool explorer Dora!

We need your help!

Grab your backpack! Let’s go! Jump in! Vamonos!

You can lead the way!

Hey! hey!

Do-do-dora, do-do-dora, d

Swiper no swiping! Swiper no swiping!

Oh man!

Dora the Explorer!

If you have a kid at home, chances are, you know what the heck was that all about. Gawd I could sing that in my sleep while snoring. Swiper is such a pain in the ass. What does he get out of stealing other people's stuff and throwing them away? He's a kleptomaniac. Oh no. I seriously need other stuff to watch. Grown up stuff. Like... porn. Tugugsh.

A New Header And $200

No not here. Hee hee. I looked at WAHMaholic's header last night and felt like it was getting old so I decided to change it (as well as several other things. I might as well call it a partial makeover. LOL.) It's cleaner looking (at least, methinks). I used the SP Toby Type font on the header, as well as on the sIFR font for the h2 headers, if you're curious. I've been using Flash for changing the font of my post titles, in case you didn't notice, and I'm LOVING it! I remember Pehpot saying the old header does not really fit the name of the site, so I hope now it somehow does. Niahehe.

By the way, Fedhz' contest is still on-going and I noticed not a lot of people are participating. What, you're just gonna let me win that easily? LOL. Kidding. It's $200 for the top prize guys. You can do a lot with $200 already, considering all you have to do is review blogs you probably already know anyway, and comment on Fedhz' posts (I've been backtracking but I'm not quite there at the beginning yet. LOL), as well as several other stuff that'd be easy enough to accomplish once you get past that initial nausea of absorbing all her contest details. Hahaha! So head out there and give me some kind of competition. I'm yawning here, see? Muhahaha! I'm just playing. But seriously. Come on, where's the spirit???

How To Use Pehpot's Adgitizer

There's been a lot of questions going about on how to properly use Pehpot's Adgitizer in order to gain your daily 100 points on Adgitize. Out of the goodness of my heart (or just so I can post my referral links, if you do not believe the former reason. LOL), I decided to make a how-to for the benefit of everyone. So here's how:
  • Sign in to your Adgitize account. This is the most important step! Otherwise, your clicks won't count.
  • Go here to start clicking on Utoy boxes. Clicking one will bring up five tabs on your current window.
  • On each of the opened tabs, look for the Adgitize widget and click on any of the advertiser buttons there.
  • Once on the landing page of the advertiser, you just need to let the page load for the point to be credited to your Adgitize account. Or you can be a dear and look around for a few minutes and help keep our bounce rates low.
Oh dear. I hope that's clear enough. If that was confusing in the slightest feel free to reprimand me in the comment section. Haha. Anyways, just a couple of tips:
  • You only get credit per unique advertiser button that you click. Meaning, if I see Fedhz' buttons on a couple of sites, I only need to click on one of them because the other click won't count anymore, even if it is seen on a different site.
  • You only need to click 51 sites if you're an advertiser. That'll still count as 100 points.
  • If you're in the Philippines, make sure to publish before 12:00 noon to make your article points count that day. Otherwise, the 100 points for publishing a new entry will count for the next day.
  • You only get credit for one click per site. That is, if you saw Niko's and Jade's button together in one site, you only get one credit even if you clicked both buttons. However, if you saw Niko's and Jade's on one but clicked only on Niko's, and then you saw both buttons again on another site and clicked Jade's button there, that will count as two points.
I can go on and on, ya know. But I'll stop here. Lest y'all hunt me down for muddling with things instead of making them clearer for everyone. LOL. Ta ta.

I Miss My Sis

I have a sister who's a year younger than I am and she lives miles away so I don't get to see her often. She already has her own family too, and sometimes I wish she lives near us so we can go to her often and visit her and my nephew as well. But her husband's work is near where they live right now, so that wish is unlikely to be fulfilled. I was deleting stuff in my hard drive and found these two pictures, one photo of us back when we still didn't have kids and another one with both our kids in the picture:

Taken on 2007, I think. We looked so innocent then. Haha.

Taken the last time they went here. Svet was just seven months then.

I hope to see them when we go there before the New Year. I miss it when we were all still living together with my mom. God those were the days. Oh well. We all have to grow up and have our own families one time or another. I just wish she goes online more often. Like she used to. Miss you RB. Give my kisses to Hendrix ☺

The Fun Of Make Believe

With the Christmas season fast approaching, the word shopping is undoubtedly in the air. Although we do not have much to spend, we'd definitely still be purchasing stuff here and there for the season. Now clothes, that's something I haven't bought for myself in quite a time. I window-shop when we go anywhere near a mall, just to check out what's new. With the advent of Internet, there is now even what I'd like to call virtual window shopping! So if I were to receive, say, a $500 gift card (GC) from Talbots, I would definitely go to their online site first to check out what I would like to buy with my GC. This brown buckled cardigan is definitely on top of my list:

Buckled Cardigan

Which I will partner with the below white blouse, tassel necklace, black quilted bag, pair of brown slim-leg trousers and ballet flats. Love the colors.






An ensemble for a little below $500. This would definitely be a refreshing change from my usual get-up (pajamas. haha). The top surely would be useful in this weather, while the pants can be mixed and matched with tons of tops. The bag is just gorgeous, a classic beauty. The flats would be plain comfortable. And the necklace? Pretty! Lately I've been wanting to buy something a little more sophisticated, and the above choices just spell it. This should definitely be on the Red Chair Confessions (Talbot's official blog) Covet This category. Rawr! Wow. That was FUN virtual window shopping!


GT: Favorite Shoes

Better late than never. Hee hee. Today's theme cooked up by marce Niko over at her blog I haven't worn heels in forever, so obviously, you won't see them here. Reason? I've never been comfortable in them (if my feet can kill me, it would, when I wear those dang heels). Besides, I'm already tall barefooted, so no need for that. Paulie is shorter than I am as it is. LOL. What I LOVE is my pink Chuck Taylor. My first love, and I guess it would be my ONLY. You can borrow anything from me, but not my Chuck. I love it too much. LOL.

But nowadays, I often wear slippers (shinil, in our personal language. LOL.) when we go out. Much more comfortable and I can wear it in two seconds. Of course they're pink. But they're not mine. Haha. I wouldn't dream of spending my money on a pair of Havaianas. They're my sister's. But she doesn't use it so it's more or less mine now. Niahehe. But I won't post it here since we're talking about shoes (besides, it's muddy from the last time it rained. LOL.) Please join us this week and let us now what your fave shoe/s is/are!

When It Rains Contests, It Pours

So my life revolves around blog contests now. LOL. Just when I thought I have my hands full on a couple of contests, there are more. The delicious Mye of Blog Appetite (whom I haven't chatted with in a while, I suddenly miss that girl) is holding an anniversary contest as her blog turned one year old last September 1. It will be a raffle draw, but you'll need points to get included in the raffle. As it happens, Mye's not very demanding of the participants, which is great for me during this time of crisis (over the TONS of contests happening simultaneously. LOL.)

The contest will run from October 1-November 15 and winners will be picked three days later on November 18. What's a contest without prizes and sponsors? Below is Mye's own list (including yours truly), which I am salivating over just looking at it:

$10 Sponsors:

Business Sphere –
Home Buddies –
WAHMaholic –

$5 Sponsors:

Blog De Manila –
My Quality dAY –
Diva Fabulosa –
The Pinay Blogger –
Living with Diabetes –
Stalking Minds –
Make or Break –

3-month Ad Spot
Life’s Journey –
Rewards Station –
My Crafts Stores Online –
That Blog4me –
Travel Blog –
There is Happiness –
Twins Happiness –
Also Mommy –
TH’s Corner –
Isherrygo –
Name Sherry –
Lurv Everything –
Iblogaholic –
Another Contest –
iLUVcontest –
My Vegetable Garden –
Product Reviews Von Mir –
Online Mommy –

2-month Ad Spot
Chica Chika –
Health and Beauty Diva –
IVF Journies –
Girls are Made of Sugar and Spice –
Biasasaja –

1-month Ad Spot

Kaya Mo Pinoy –
PinayMom –
MommaWannabe –
Life of a Filipina Blogger –
Pictures and Cultures –
Biasasaja –
Liezl Read-Write –
Elai’s Haven –
Mom Writes For a Cause –

EC Credits:

3000 EC

A Woman Remembers –

Wonderful things In Life –
My Life’s Adventure –
My Crafts Stores Online –
The Joy Of Life Forever –
The Fountain Of Happiness –
Life’s Journey –

As always, everybody is encouraged to join. The rules (which are pretty straight-forward) can be found here. I just hope I am half as lucky in raffles as I want to be. Goodness knows me and lady luck aren't exactly in friendly terms when in comes to these things. LOL. Good luck to everyone who decides to join!

Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Infant Formula On SALE!

I heard back in July of this year that Walmart is planning to enter the Philippine market, which I think is a good thing if you take in the availability of variety view. More choices, much better, right? Anyways, right now in all Walmart branches located in the United States, the retail store brand Parent's Choice infant formula (which, coincidentally, is the brand of an inexpensive diaper I used on Svet months back but stopped because I found a cheaper one. haha) is on sale in a 15.5 oz (440 gram) can for $5.00 each. Yep, 2 cans for $10. It's quite a steal, don't you think? The sale is for a limited time only, mind you.

This is good news for parents already using Parent's Choice as their baby's formula, and better for those currently looking for cheaper alternatives to name-brand formulas, what with the announcement of the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC) that they may be lowering the funds set aside for subsidizing infant formula. Parent's Choice, which has been Walmart's store brand formula since 1998, is no less nutritionally-complete than national brand baby formulas for sale in the market today, as naturally, it meets the strict standards of the FDA. It wouldn't be in the market (and for so long, at that) if it doesn't, obviously. Anyway, head on to the Walmart branch nearest you to buy your child/children a can or two (or more if you're the type to stock up on milk).


Azumi's First Mini Give-Away Contest

Although I'm a little lot late in posting, let me still blog about Bambie's first ever giveaway which will end on October 27, since I'm on a contest craze lately. You can read about the rules here, and the prizes are as follows:

TWO (2) lucky participants will win a $25 Gift Cards to the Shutterfly Store to use for the many print options on the site and additonal prizes from the SPONSORS, and another TWO (2) lucky participants will win the other prizes.


$25 Gift Certicate from Shutterfly

$25 Gift Certicate from Shutterfly


AGNES B. Make Up Goodies from KIZUNA
BONUS PRIZE (optional)
*This is only for those who are interested. Let her know by leaving a separate comment for this.


Wow. The contests just keep coming, eh? If you're already in the running for Bambie's contest, then good for you! As for me, well, better luck next time, I think. I'm too far behind to even have a chance at the top spots (I am that pessimistic). Oh well. This is Bambie's first contest so I will just join the future ones. Plus this is a mini-contest, which means there'll be a LOT more in store in her next giveaways. Oohh.. Can't wait! Good luck everyone!


Living in Baguio also has its downside when it comes to taxis even though I have always admired how most of the drivers here are not opportunists and are most always kind. Why am I blabbing about taxi drivers all of a sudden? We went out today to do the grocery because the stock at home was running dangerously low and as usual, we took the taxi home. It's always freaking hard to get a taxi (I think there's not enough to go around) and Paulie, as usual, took forever to get one. Makes me wish this was California, where an Online Taxi Ordering System called already exists. Cool, eh? That way we never have to stand in the cold waiting for the next empty taxi to come ever again. Plus the site keeps a history of your orders so if you accidentally forget your laptop or whatever in the taxi, you can always look up your history and call the company to get it back. Oh dear that would be sooo nice.

A New Look & A Contest To Boot!

Recently, my blogger friend Gene purchased a premade WP layout from me for her Fashion Explorer site, which didn't sit well with her plug-ins (and my current state of i-don't-want-to-edit-old-codes mind) so I decided to just redo the whole thing and give her a more personalized look. Anyways, after countless power and internet interruptions, it's finally finished and I think it was okay in the end. Wait, who am I kidding? It wasn't just okay. I LOVED the final result. Of course I know I'm utterly biased because it's my creation. Niahehe. Anyways, leave her some love if you have the time, just click on the screencap below.

Fashion Explorer

As it happens, Gene also has a contest on-going and it took me this long to post about it because of extenuating circumstances (I love saying that, extenuating) which made headlines. Well not my personal circumstances but of the city where I live. Anyway, so the contest runs from October 5 to November 5. Gene is celebrating her son Hyzyd's 1st and her father's 51st birthdays and her and her husband's 2nd year wedding anniversary! Like she said, it IS indeed a call to celebrate her life and love! There are tons, and I seriously mean TONS of prizes so I'm just gonna grab them from their site and paste them here (lazy me. tsk. hee hee).

1st prize: $55, 20,000 EC, ad spaces, .info domain and blog hosting, blog review (worth $15)

$50- Buraot and Anak ni Kulapo
$5- Pinay Mommy Online
.info domain with free 1 year blog hosting- Pinay Mommies Communities
5000 EC - Mommy Journey
3000 EC Cornymans Money-Blog
3000 EC All about babies and Kids
3000 EC - Simply Happy Life
2000 EC- The Movie Mommy
2000 EC- Chika Buzz
1000 EC - Love's Haven
1000 EC- Kalidadis
125x125 ad space for a month (PR 3)= A Woman's Blog
125x125 ad space for a month (PR 3)= OnlineBiz and resources
125x125 ad space for a month (PR 2)= Moolah Musings
125x125 ad space for a month (PR 1)= I Love Contest and More!
125x125 ad space at Wannabesuper Mommy
125x125 ad space at CrossRoads...where ideas meet
125x125 ad space at Pinay Blogger at Home
125x125 ad space at Moi et mon univers!
125x125 ad space at Sassy Chicks World
125x125 ad space at Tambayan ng mga Uragon

Blog reviews:

2nd prize:
$30, 18,000 EC's,.info domain and 1 year WP blog hosting,ad spaces, blog reviews (worth $10)

$20 - Seiko's Diary
$5 - babyblog Azumi ★
$5 - My Kawaii Princess
5000 EC - Wonderful Things In Life
5000 EC - Her and History
2500 EC - Thoughts in Daily Living
2500 EC- Parenting Notes
2000 EC - Our Adventures Together
1000 EC- Mi Mundo Del Amor
info domain Online Mommy's Corner
1 year free WP blog hosting Online Mommy's Corner
1 month ad space (PR1)- Mouth's Delight
1 month 125x125 ad space- Just About Anything
125x125 ad space at Real Garden
125x125 ad space (PR 1) at WAHMaholic
1 month 125x125 ad space (PR 1)- Mom Writes for A Cause
1 month 125x125 ad space (PR 1)- Samantha's Own
1 month 125x125 ad space at Yam's Files
1 month 125x125 ad space at Walk With Me

Blog Reviews:
3rd prize: $25, 15,000 EC's, web hosting space, ad spaces, blog review (worth $5)

$5- From Asia and Beyond
$5- RandomWAHMThoughts
$5- My Life's Perception & Inspiration
$5 - Just About Anything
$5- Make or Break
2000 EC - Just About Anything
2000 EC- FickleMinded
2000 EC - My Crafts Stores Online
2000 EC - My Life's adventures
2000 EC- Tasty Exploration
2000 EC- FoodTripFriday
2000 EC - Life's Journey
1 month 125x125 ad space at My Passion
1 month ad space (PR2)- Bitz'n Pieces of My Life
3 months ad space (PR 2) - Rewards Station
2 months text link (PR 2)- All about my Life
125x125 ad space at Make or Break
5 GB web hosting space-
Blog review- Sassy Chicks World

4th prize: $15, 13,000 EC's, ad spaces

$5- Life of a Filipina Blogger
$5- Diva Fabulosa
$5- Health and Beauty Diva
2000 EC - The Joy of Life Forever
2000 EC The One Minute Guide
2000 EC- Smart Mommy
2000 EC- Big Love
2000 EC Cornyman's Blog Reviews
2000 EC Pictures and Cultures
1000 EC - I Blog U CDO
125x125 ad space at Gossip Mom
125x125 ad space (PR 2) at To Be, To Be. Tutubi.
125x125 ad space (PR 2) at Okay Ukay!
125x125 ad space (PR 2) at Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed

5th prize: $5, 11,000 EC's, ad spaces

$5- Cooking's Fun
1500 EC- Samantha's Own
1500 EC- In His Steps
1000 EC - Tasty Exploration
1000 EC - Mother Knows Best
1000 EC - So Much to Tell
1000 EC - More Food Adventures
1000 EC - The Fountain Of Happiness
1000 EC- Momgen Designs
1000 EC- Momgen Garage Store
1000 EC- Blog Fusion
125x125 ad space (PR 2) at Pretty Step Daughters
125x125 ad space (PR ) at Home Buddies
125x125 ad space (PR ) at Thoughts and Obssessions

6th prize: 9,000 EC's

1000 EC- Gossip Mom
1000 EC - Just the Tip of the Iceberg
1000 EC- Worth's Road
1000 EC- Empowered Mom
1000 EC- All about my Life
1000 EC- Dorothy's Vineyard
1000 EC- Inhale...Exhale...
1000 EC- HoneySweet Learning Center
1000 EC- Rose's Obstacles and Glories

7th prize: 7,000 EC's

1000 EC- Laine's Abode
1000 EC- Make or Break
1000 EC- People, Places, Events, Good Food and My Life
1000 EC- My Little Angels
1000 EC- Pretty Step Daughters
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1000 EC- Makoy's Take on the Arts and The Entertainment

9th prize: 3,500 EC's

1000 EC- Make Money Online with Makoy
1000 EC- Latest Celebrity Gossip
1000 EC- Momma Wannabe
500 EC- The Fashion Explorer

10th prize: 2,500 EC's

1000 EC- IVF Journies
1000 EC- His Unfailing Love
500 EC- My Memories and Crystals

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5 sets of assorted handmade greeting cards- DarlingRose Paper Goods - US & Philippines shipping only

5 sets of assorted handmade greeting cards - Momgen Paper Designs - US & Philippines shipping only

2 pairs of Earrings - Momgen's Corner - worldwide shipping

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I told you it was a LOT. What, you thought I was joking?? No, silly. It's BIG like that. Anyways, it's one of those things I look forward to keep me busy the next few days. Which means I am serious about those scheduled posts lasting until at least the next two weeks. So if I were you, start collecting those points because from what I can see, we are waaaay behind in points in Gene's contest if we are just starting now, lollygagging. Well, better late than never, is my great procrastinator's motto. Hee hee. Anyways, if you wanna join, please do. Here's the link to the contest right here.

Yay Awards!

Can you see a pattern now? contests then awards posts. LOL. Thank you Darly for giving me the below awards! They're so many! Woot! And NO rules? I love you girl! Haha. Anyways, they're for all of you who read my blog, because you are lovely (and if in case you need a filler post like this. Niahaha).

A Little Support Here, Please

Jillian Rylie Cottrill, the uber beautiful daughter of Rose and Joops is a contestant of the Pinoy Smile which ends on October 31 and she needs all the support we can give her to win the contest. Here's the lovely picture of Rylie that her parents entered in the contest. Isn't she a cutie?? Click on the link here or just simply click on the picture to get to the voting page. Thanks so much!!!

Uh-oh. Blurring Vision.

I've been having them (again) lately, and I think it's because I haven't worn my favorite high fashion eyeglasses in about a year already (I left them in the old office and never had the chance to go back for them. And yes. They were high-fashion). My eyes are screaming "I need glasses. Now." and not even the old trick of looking away from the screen from time to time help. Now of all times, huh? When I'm up to my nose in work. But, anyway, I'm bound to get them glasses anyway sometime soon, what with the amount of time that I spend drooling staring at my monitor, willing my mind to string together something even remotely coherent.

I don't splurge on eyeglasses (heck on anything for myself!), so I usually look for something not-so-pricey. I could use one of those $8 Rx eyeglasses from ZenniOptical, although ALL these beauties (
affordable, yep yep) would be a much, much better Christmas (eherm) present. I like this one below for the lovely polka dots. It has a retro-ey feeling. And they come in black, which is how I like most of my glasses. Just fab.

It didn't occur to me that I would want to wear the half-rim shaped glasses below but it was love at first sight. It'd definitely look sophisticated and brainy. Who would dare argue with sophisticated and brainy-looking? Plus it has sparkling crystal on the temples. I am swept off my feet.

And this one definitely tops the list. I could wear this in my sleep. LOL. Just looking at it makes me feel pretty already. And it's below $40! Almost one-eight the price of most prescription glasses. Now that's how you can start spending smart. Doing away with the unnecessary expensive purchases when there are better-quality and lower-priced alternatives. Gawd, why wait for Christmas? This could be my birthday gift to myself. ZenniOptical, here I come.