The Magic of Receiving a Package

 It's a happy day in our house when we receive a package. Whether it's a gift from a friend or just stuff we bought online, there's a certain buzz in the air that can only be described as intense excitement when we know something's coming.

Svetlana has an excuse. Children get hyper over the littlest of things, that's a given. But Paulie and I get as giddy as two small kids on Christmas morning in front of a pile of presents. How do you explain that?

It's especially magical for us if it's unexpected, like Santa Claus has decided to drop in early to give us a reward for being extra nice.

For instance, Clarissa, my dear friend from Japan sent us stuff for bento-making, and we were through the roof pumped! It's amazing how the simplest of things can make you happy. Yes?

When we went for a bit of online shopping at Zalora yesterday, we are practically jumping up and down whenever somebody knocks on our gate. Imagine two adults and a preschooler getting super high. Not pretty.

Is it human nature? Or is it just crazy running in the family? But no matter. We are expecting at least three more packages this month, and we feel beyond awesome!

Breaking The Silence (Plus A New Theme)

I have been neglecting this blog for the longest time, as I have been focusing on my WordPress blogs. I barely login to my Blogger dashboard anymore, even less since Paulie and I decided it would be best to drop our Blogger design services and concentrate on WordPress instead when we launched our new WordPress design shop. Surprisingly, this blog is still a PR2, although its Alexa standing is laughable.

Why don't I just delete this blog, you ask? I have trouble letting go of things, see, and this being my very first blog makes it even harder to let it go. This blog has seen the worst of me, and has quietly withstood an era when I didn't know you were supposed to think before you publish things online. Hee hee. But hey, without those immature posts I wouldn't have grown as a blogger, yes? So I'm keeping them, and I'll read back over them to remind how foolish I was a few years back. Sounds like evil fun.

I experienced a fierce attack of minimalism addiction early this year, which is why WAHMaholic, Beauty Queen Gene, I am A Svetlana and Vector Dad suffered from sudden makeovers which left them stripped to the bare minimum. Is this a sign that I've matured with respect to my taste in design? Maybe. Doing away with all the clutter has been therapeutic for me, at the very least.

Anyway, I was asked by a former Blogger design client to tweak her site, which led me to check out this blog. I was shocked at the number of images vying for my attention when I looked at the page, and right then and there I chucked the design out.

A couple of hours later, the new design is done. I've lost count of the number of times this blog has received a makeover, but I'm rather pleased with this one, so it's staying here until... well, as long as it can stay online.

The colors of this design seriously made me crave for a macchiato. Anyone up for coffee?