What I'm Thankful For This Year

Mommy Mylene of Online Mommy's Corner is hosting a Thanksgiving Contest where I offered to be a sponsor, and I thought I should join too, for the fun of it (and the prizes, which goes without saying. Hee hee). Anyways, a contest requirement is to blog about the things that I am thankful for this year. Now that 2009 is almost over, I think it's about time to do that. This year has been full of ups and downs, but it doesn't do me any good to dwell on the bad so I'll just count my blessings instead. I've met really great friends this year online and offline, and I think that's my biggest blessing this 2009. I know I've made more friends this year than the last, so that's something to be thankful for. My nephew Elijah Alezekiel was born September 1 this year, and he is such an adorable piglet my week is not complete without several visits to their house.

diegster at 2 months

Sati, my inaanak, was also born this year, so there's another miracle to be thankful for. Svetlana's been rarely sick this year (there was only one time when she had a fever due to cough and cold), and I'm extremely grateful for that. Paulie has made a step towards being less of a war freak lately (traces of his fraternity days, something which I always complain about him and has been a source of bickering last year), and I'm thankful for that as well. I was also blessed with more writing and VA opportunities, which means more stability, financial-wise, for my family. This has been a good year for us, overall, and I hope that next year will be better, not only for my family but for everyone as well.

So that's me. How about you? What are you thankful for this year? I invite you to join Mommy Mylene's first ever blog contest to have a chance to grab these prizes from these sponsors:

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Good luck to all of us!

I Suffered A Drug Overdose

Which was why I was out of touch with the blogosphere for several days. Of course I'm just being theatrical about it. Haha. Fedhz decided out of the blue that I should share in her job's pain (LOL) by mercilessly dragging me into it and beating me unconscious until I finish the job. Niahehe. So I pushed away Pehpot's template aside and told Jade "I can't write, I'm busy", and was half oblivious to Niko's huge office misfortune and dived in to the world of drugs. Not drugs drugs. It's a pharmacy site that needs content and we had to fill it with. So while you people are on your normal blogging routines, me and Fedhz were swimming in generic names, side effects, warnings, precautions and whatnots. So much that Fedhz can't take a power nap without chanting them drugs, and I can't sleep without dreaming of chasing a medicine of some sort.

But. That episode is over. At least, I hope. Hehe. I'm now back and ready to bloghop again. I noticed my Alexa is slowly slipping away. I will need the power of Adgitize soon. LOL. And to the people I've neglected while I was working (for real!), well come to mama. I'm all yours now.

Want To Save On Christmas Shopping?

Then don't do Christmas shopping, as suggested by the funny graphic below forwarded to me by the lovely and funny Polly of Angels in my Garden. Funny, but true. Of course, it's unavoidable if you don't want broken hearts and tear-stained cheeks hanging about you all holiday season. Added to that, you have to have a wee bit of something to reward yourself for, well, for being yourself. This is the time of the year that we can go shopping without guilt (okay, a little) because we have a valid excuse (aside from our birthdays, obviously.) for doing so. I am convincing myself, I know. Hee hee. Hey people, happy thanksgiving! And please pass the turkey. :)

GT: Fave Gift

Blame Fedhz and Mike why I'm early for Marce Niko's meme this week. Haha! Anyways, this week's theme is about the best gift we have received from anyone. Hmm... I had to think hard on this one. I don't think I receive many gifts. Boo-hoo. LOL. Anyways, I think my favorite is the jewelry set my mom gave to me for my 18th birthday. The ring, the earrings, the necklace and the pendant are matching pearls, which I was crazy about and always wore everyday to college. I can't show you a picture, unfortunately, because I hardly wear jewelry now (okay, scratch that, I never wear jewelry now) and I've stowed that set away somewhere but I can't remember where I've hidden it. Hah. Why am I not surprised. LOL! I'm such an amnesiac. I'd hide something and then I'd forget where I've hidden it. *sigh* Anywhooo. Enough about me. How about you? What's your favorite gift? Join us here!


You always make other people happy. It's your special day, so now it's time we make you happy in our own little way. What, you thought we could just let this special day slide? No way! What is my wish for you? I don't know where to begin. For once I'm at loss for words. LOL. What could one wish for someone as generous, caring and sweet as Niko? You have a loving husband who is very expressive of his love for you (Cue for the audience. Altogether now: Awwwwww.... hee hee) and an adorable daughter who keeps on making us smile every day. Really, what more can a girl ask for? I know. More moolah. LOL. But girl, you are the richest girl in the blogniverse in terms of friends. Your good deeds alone cannot equal anything materialistic that this crazy world can give. What you have done for me and the others are much, much more than we ever dare imagine someone doing for us. Hey, did I say it's not allowed to cry? Because you're not. Hee hee. Don't cry okay? Just smile your lovely smile always. And don't get depressed again. The blogosphere gets depressed, too, when you are. Hee hee. I love you marce! I hope you get what your heart desires on your special day. You deserve that and so, so much more.

Birthday Girl Fedhz

I didn't realize it's your birthday already girl! Okay, I did realize, because we've been talking behind your back lately. Me, Niko, Peh and Jade. LOL! We hope you like our little gifts for you. It's great that you now have a (high-paying, eherm) job, just in time for your birthday! Woohoo! What's that smell? Your delicious handa? Yeahba! It's so sad that I live far away. Huhuhu. But hey, it's your birthday and we all ought to celebrate. I bet I know your birthday wish. Your very own kitchen! Hehe. Oh wait. You did mention about an expansive garden, a front porch, at least 4 rooms, a duyan and muebles for your dream house. Yeah. That's a strong hint for Mike. Well, with your current salary and Mike's, you could have all that and more by next year. Naks. Don't forget to welcome us in your hacienda, okay? We'd like a band and a red carpet welcoming us. Hee hee.

Back to your birthday. LOL. My wish for you would be to have lots and lots of ads and writing opportunities to satisfy your addiction. Wahaha! But seriously, that is my wish for you. I know that will make you very happy. And we do want to see you happy, girl. I know you love Mike and Yzabella more than anything in the world, and you want to be the best partner and
mom to those two. Well guess what. YOU ARE. No matter what other people say, trust your marces. We know you are. I love you girl! Have a happy birthday!!!

Holiday Buying Guide

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dirt Devil. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's that time of the year again. When you feel a deep longing to whip out your credit card and dash to the nearest store to buy a little something for yourself or a loved one. It is, after all, the holiday season. Most people create a list (yes, both a wish list and a shopping list), in order to avoid buying unnecessary stuff while in the stores as honestly, the big sales here and there are quite hard to ignore (and you're not even Rebecca Bloomwood, so imagine being her during Christmas.). Have you ever used a holiday buying guide? It could really be helpful in helping you draft and finish that list. Dirt Devil, in fact, has come up with a twelve-page Guide To Red Hot Online Shopping Shortcuts for those who prefer shopping in the comforts of one's home, thus avoiding the holiday rush.


I personally found the tips on looking for promo codes extra helpful. They provided a list of websites we can visit to find them and tips how to trigger a deeper deal. I used to think that when you have a promo code at hand then that's that. Dirt Devil mentioned that you can Google a promo code to see if there are similar codes such as the one you have because you might find even bigger bargains that way. Clever, huh? And if that isn't enough, Dirt Devil also has tips for saving on free shipping and using rebate sites. In fact, the guide alone gives out more than 300 tips and tricks as well as websites to help you save on holiday shopping online! There are also holiday deals inside the guide that you may find useful, particularly the Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, and Family Favorites section. With the Dirt Devil Holiday Buying Guide at hand, shopping online has never been this easy and rewarding!

SocialSpark Disclosure Badge

She Makes Me Feel Like A Great Mom

In all honesty, I never really see myself as a role model of a mom. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want me to be your mom. Hehe. Svetlana is in fact, closer to her dad than I, because they get play longer everyday and Paulie's the one who assists her in eating and bathing most of the time. So I was lurking at myLot just now, and I saw this discussion about someone being dubbed as Britain's worst parent. Out of curiosity, I read the article. I actually felt good after reading this (I feel really bad about the children, though), and I don't know if that is what I am supposed to feel. Anyway, read on. Full credits goes to the article, which is here, if you want to read the entirety. I'll just post here the details I found disturbing.:

A single mum was yesterday branded Britain's worst parent after she left her four young children home alone to go on a 24-hour drinking binge.

The kids she left were aged three months, one, three and four.

The alarm was only raised when her four-year-old daughter was spotted hanging out of the window sobbing: "Where's mummy?"

A relative broke into the house and found the one-year-old boy soaked in urine in his cot. The girl of three had managed to dress herself.

The most upset was the oldest who had tried to mix a feed for the youngest who was crying with hunger, cold and in a soiled nappy.

There was dried milk and sick all over his clothing. He was said to be grey, docile and his forehead "sunken". Police found the house in Blackburn, Lancs, littered with empty beer cans and bottles. One sickened officer said: "It was a scene of filth and disorder."

GT: My Favorite Pastime!


It's a Thursday again and you know what this means! It's time for Marce Niko's meme! This week it's about what we like to do to pass the time. I do not go out much, so most of what I do happens inside the house. Like reading (books or e-books, it doesn't matter). And watching films and TV series on DVD with Paulie. And playing PSX games. I should say that blogging is also something I love to do, although with all my forgetfulness I sometimes neglect to update my blogs. LOL. When we do go out, my favorite thing to do is spread a mat and lie down at the park (Burnham, in our case, since it's the most accessible and it has a playground that Svet loves). Like Niko, I would make shopping a favorite pastime if I finally have the money to spend on that activity. LOL. What's your favorite pastime? Share them at Mareng Niko's post!

SocialSpark's Minimum Payout Is Now $50?

Since when? Why are sites not informing us when they make such changes? Or perhaps they did and I was fast asleep during that time? LOL. I logged in to my account early today because I already have more than $40 in my account and since I am withdrawing funds from my PayPal to my bank account anyway, I decided to withdraw my SocialSpark balance as well. I was very surprised when it won't allow me to withdraw. What's with Izea nowadays? On top of having to wait almost a month for my posts to get paid (which was okay by me), now I have to meet a minimum of $50 as well? It's not as if I get a slot with every opportunity that I qualify for. Gawd. What's next? They'll up it to $100? I saw that there is an option to delete account when submitting a help ticket. Will I be using that sometime soon?

The Wonder Mom Is At It Again!

This time, Pehpot is up for the Top Health Blogger for the Parenting Community at WellSphere. You can vote for her here. Show support by placing a Vote Now badge on your blog's sidebar (like what I and Fedhz did with ours, and what I am sure Niko and Jade will do as well. Hehe.). And no, we're not just asking you to do so. We're forcing you. You have no choice in the matter. Click here or the badge below to vote. Right now! :p


I mentioned in one of the themes of Marce Niko's meme that I don't use perfume now. But yesterday, we went to the mall and I happened to pass by my favorite perfume (HerBench Simple), just waiting there by its shelf, waiting for me to pick it up and take it home. I resisted the urge, mainly because I don't go out much these days and there's nobody else to smell it but Paulie (who doesn't like any kind of perfume at all) and Svet (who, I think, has not fully developed her sense of smell yet so she couldn't care less. LOL!). But I love that smell dearly. I've always felt pretty wearing that perfume. I'm a sucker for a particular Scent, that "just out of the shower" smell that was my main criteria when looking for new brands to try. I would definitely get that for myself before the holidays, so when I finally haul my obscure (but nice-smelling) self down to relatives' and friends' places, it wouldn't be obvious that I've been cooped up inside our home for so long the house scent is clinging to me. Hee hee.

Operation Smile For Clarissa

Today, Clarissa of Ties and Bonding is celebrating her special day. Happy birthday dear! May you be blessed with all the things that you so deserve. Enjoy your day with Wakaba, Haruka and Yochan!

As we observe your birthday now,
Your cake and gifts don't matter much.
These common things aren't really you,
Ribbons, paper hats and such.
We celebrate a person who
Brings happiness to everyone,
Someone who gives more than she gets,
And fills our lives with joy and fun.
So Happy Birthday, and many more!
We hope you make it to a hundred and two,
Because we always want to have
The special pleasure of knowing you.

What's Your Comfort Food?

It's been ages since I last tasted boiled corn on the cob. There's no grated corn to be found in the streets of the Baguio market now (or if there is, I can't see them), and it's frustrating. Now when I want to eat pork with corn and malunggay as our dish (I wanted to use the word viand but somehow I've never felt comfortable in using that word as reference to the Tagalog word "ulam"), Paulie buys canned corn kernels instead, just to satisfy my craving. It's not as good as fresh corn, but it'll do until it's corn season again. I Googled for the specific term to call that particular dish but curiously, it only showed me chicken with corn and malunggay, and no pork recipe for it, so I'm guessing we're the only ones to cook it with pork? Hee hee. But my mom has always cooked it with pork.

Image from FreeRecipes.org

Which is maybe partly the reason why my comfort food is corn (not pork or
malunggay. I've never heard anyone whose comfort food is pork or malunggay. Hee hee) It reminds me of my days as a child when we would sit down to my mom's delicious pork with corn and malunggay cooking (I hate it when there's no word for something. It takes a lotta space describing it. LOL.) and I would eat like there's no tomorrow. Now I'm a corn addict. I would eat anything that has corn in it. Ginataang corn, corn kernels in melted cheese, cornflakes, corn soup, binatog (it's boiled corn with grated coconut, sugar and evaporated milk. The best tasting is here in Baguio. It's sooo good, the binatog stand itself was featured at this site), mais con yelo, beef nilaga with corn, popcorn, heck, I told you. Anything that has corn in it!

How about you? What's your comfort food?

Comfort foods are familiar, simple foods that are usually home-cooked or eaten at informal restaurants. They are foods that are often emotionally significant to a person or group of people and are sometimes related to pleasant associations of childhood. - Wikipedia

Way To Go Pacman!

I just want to take this time to congratulate Manny Pacquiao for bringing home the bacon yet again. He truly is an amazing boxer and someone we can all look up to for inspiration. Manny, just DON'T go into politics and I will love you for life. Hee hee.

Breastfeeding Is The Best For Baby (And Your Budget)

Although it is common knowledge that breastfeeding saves you more money than if you were to buy infant formula for your child's milk needs, there is a recent drive by the federal government of the United States to encourage mothers to breastfeed their child, headed by the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) agency. With that in mind, the WIC introduced a new food package for all states which takes the spotlight off baby formula and on breastfeeding. That means thirteen percent less funds on formula, the deducted funds which will be distributed to other aspects of the food package. This will certainly decrease the number of (if not totally discourage) parents who purchase infant formula for their young.

Coupled with this change is the release of information that store-brand formula is no less nutritious than the more expensive formula brands in the market today. The FDA who regulates manufacturing and ingredients in the United States use the same standards for testing both store-brand and major brands of baby formula. As such, there is no reason to believe that brands sold by the big pharmaceutical companies are superior (nutrition-wise) to that of the store-brand products. So what with the reallocation of funds for food package and the economy as it is, parents should take in this piece of information as a good advice to reconsider purchasing the cheaper generic infant formula brands in order to fit the tight budget.


Royal Tru Orange and Fresh Eggs??

I was reading this post of Mike on Fedhz' blog when I remembered a curious concoction which my mom used to give me when I have a cough (I think. Or when I am sick. IDK). It's a glass of Royal Tru Orange mixed with one fresh egg. Gross right? Oh gawd that was such a long time ago I can't even exactly remember what she gives it to me for. Haha. For all I know maybe it was just to shut me up. LOL. I have to remember to ask her when she's here again. I haven't been drinking soft drinks that much since two years ago, so I don't even know if they still have Royal Tru Orange in the stores. Hee hee. We don't even have RC Cola here in Baguio (or maybe just here where we live and in the grocery that we always go to). Can anyone tell me why my mom makes me drink that? Maybe if I knew the reason I can finally figure out why I am this way. Hahaha! I can't wait till she gets home again!

Girls Talk: Favorite Chocolate

It's time for Marce Niko's meme once again! And this week, it's all about chocolates. I am not as fond of chocolates as I am of, say, corn. I know, right? It's like cardinal sin for a girl not to like chocolates. But I don't know. It's just not something that I crave about constantly. I like chocolate once in a while, but that's all. I know I can eat all the chocolates I want and not gain weight but still, that doesn't make me a big chocolate lover. Although I think Chocquick (which I dearly, dearly love) counts for chocolate since it is a choco drink, but that's about it.

If I do get the cravings (which comes once in a blue moon), I'd definitely look for a Cadbury. Any variant as long as it's from them. The taste of their chocolate is very distinct and doesn't hurt my throat no matter how much I eat (which is not much, by common standards. Tee hee). We have heaps of them when my aunt arrives here from London (she bought five kilos of that heavenly treat once) and that's when I have the most chocolate consumption, I think. But hey, I love chocolate-flavored stuff, so I'm not that weird. Just a smidge. LOL.

Love Contests?

Sherry, of ILUVContest, does too. And with that in mind, she put up a blog especially for joining online contests that permeate the blogosphere nowadays. It could be a useful resource if you are looking for such contests to join yourself, as she compiles on an almost daily basis the host of giveaways and raffles that you can easily take part in for the fun and the prizes. I, myself, have only recently started joining them and found (much to my delight) that it can be very exciting (especially with Peh around. LOL). Whenever I can, I browse Sherry's blog to check out if there is a contest that I qualify for and see if it's worth my time. Sadly, since I live in a part of the world where most physical prizes cannot deliver (or if it does, it will break the host's bank if he/she shoulders the shipping charges), I am limited to the ones that pay cash through PayPal. But hey, cash is cash. So if you're looking for a great resource of online contests, Sherry's blog is the place to go (not to mention the site to know the latest offers and trends on Eyeko Nail Polish).

A New Layout For Ria

It's finally finished! I'm quite pleased with how it turned out (I hope Ria is, as well. Hee hee). Contrary to her initial warnings, she is not quite as fussy a client. In fact, she may be my un-fussiest client to date (eherm to Peh and Fedhz. LOL. I miss you two!). Loved working with you sisteroo! Click on the screen shot below to go visit Ria's site and check out her new look. Have a great start of the week everyone!

Sati Is Here! Woohoo!!!

I've never been excited like this in two months (since my other sister gave birth. Hee hee). Now, my other sister (spiritual sister, that is) gave birth to the most-awaited addition to the Pineda family. Welcome to the world our precious little Sati. Everyone is very excited in your coming. Know that your addict of a mom Pehpot is damn proud of you. Heck, a mere five and a half hours after giving birth to you, she already managed to blog about it here (pictures at the link, too, so click, click, click!). What can your mom NOT do? Promise to tell me when we meet okay? Love you Sati! And Peh, of course ;)
A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.

The Beginnings of OC-ness

I'm itching to overhaul my mediocre way of labeling posts. I've already started with the newer articles I publish, in case you didn't notice. Hee hee. I love how my blogging idol Aria labels her posts. She is one hell of a blogger, I tell ya. Being the green-eyed monster that I am, I wanted for my labels to be as funny (or at the very least, interesting) too. I don't know when can I change the old entries to reflect the said change. I might have to read more of Dave Barry (yes, that side-splittingly funny humor columnist whose books and several works I fortunately have a copy of) to get my much-needed inspiration. I don't even know why I want to. Is Pehpot's OCness working its magic on me??

My First Adgitize Payout

This is my first, so I was pretty pleased when I received it last November 5. I was even surprised because I thought they payout around the 20th of the month. That's what I get for not reading the FAQs thoroughly enough. Hee hee. Anyway, I paid for two months of advertising at (watch out! referral link! haha) Adgitize worth $28 (but that was before. They've increased prices since then but boy are they still worth every damn cent) and I got back $20.48 for it, which means I only really paid $7.52 for a month of advertisement on WAHMaholic and another month in here. Which is a HUUUGE bargain since both my sites saw a decrease of more than 500,000 in Alexa rankings and a notable increase in writing opportunity offerings. And I'm not even that active now at clicking on sites for the extra publisher points (even with Peh's Utoy. Yes, I know I am such a lazy ass.). Is it obvious I so lurve (oh here comes another referral link. bleh!) Adgitize?

But I will love them more if they finally roll out that gifting option of advertising credits, or whatever they choose to call that feature I so bravely suggested some time ago. There's still no word about when it was going to happen. I take Ken Brown's word for it though, that it is already in their to-do list. The time is all that's standing between me and that feature I've been salivating after ever since I got that idea into my head. Oh well. Patience is a virtue (which I unfortunately don't have. Auugghh. It's killing me.) Payment proof below, and note again that that is two months of accumulated points and not just a month. I am not a superwoman to achieve that.

The BIG Headache

It's starting again. Last night, when I was designing Ria's site (it's not finished yet, btw, but I will definitely finish it tonight), it started. In the beginning it was just a throb that I can ignore, but as the evening wore, on it got worse. By 10 p.m., I was ready to throw up. It was major, like twenty kids jumping up and down inside my head and it won't stop. Much as I wanted to continue, I just can't. So I stumbled to bed and woke up with an even BIGGER headache. I think it's the same reason as before. I need glasses for real. And quickly. Or maybe I just need to get out of the house. I don't know. I am lazy as hell but I still get these headaches that only belong to the truly workaholic. Or maybe I get them because a little work requires 120% of my brainpower. Oh that's sad.

Girls Talk: Favorite Drink

Shoot. I almost missed this week's meme. Oh gawd, I'm so hopeless. Anyway, my marce Niko who started this meme (and who's gonna kill me when we meet because I missed two weeks in a row, damn.), thought that we'd share our favorite drinks today. I am a sucker for juices. Anything fruity. Mango is my favorite, though, and ponkan, and guyabano, and orange... I told you, anything fruit that's juiced. I can even stand strawberry when it's juice (FYI, I never eat strawberries. Sucks, right? Because it's almost always available where I live. Oh well. Meet Kaye the weirdo.). I drink Gatorade whenever I can, it's a habit I've never gotten rid of since college. I rarely have softdrinks and coffee. And I've not tasted liquor since I found out I was pregnant with Svet. Which was almost two years ago so why am I not still drinking? I can't stand the taste (heck even the smell) of it now, that's why. But hey, I'm easily persuaded. LOL.

The one thing that I could not live without though, is Chocquik. In fact, I am surprised that I am still alive now because we don't have it anymore. Last time we went to do the groceries, they were out of stock and I was totally pissed. It's always in our list and I get depressed when I see its shelf empty. Or occupied by Milo or Ovaltine. Yuck. Chocquick is perfect steaming hot, and with marshmallows. My companion during those times I have enough stamina to work through the night. Is it obvious I love Chocquick? So yeah. No sophisticated and ridiculously expensive drinks for me. Give me a cup of good ol' Chocquick anytime and I will love you for life.

The Holidays Are Here!

Well, not quite here. I'm just excited. Hee hee. And we haven't started buying stuff for the season, don't get me wrong. But it doesn't hurt to browse, make a list of things I plan to buy (for myself, Paulie, Svet and everyone I care enough about to give something to on Christmas) so that I only need to worry about where to get the money to buy those gifts with. LOL. But come to think of it, that is the hard part. Haha. Anyway, I'd still definitely go for one of these $8 prescription Zenni glasses. Pink, of course.

Since I direly need a new look (you know, other than the harassed, on-the-verge-of-breakdown WAHM that I scarily resemble nowadays), some holiday fun eyeglasses might help in doing the trick. Those lovelies make me want to start my glasses collection again (which for some reason stopped right after I finished college). The new arrivals are to die for, but they are beyond my budget limit for myself right now, so I'll pass. But hey, not everyone is a miser and/or depressingly poor like moi, so maybe you'll find a good pair for you or a loved one at ZenniOptical.com. As for the rest of my list, I have a big bag (for use when we go to my MIL's house on new year, gladiator shoes for myself, pants for Paulie, dresses for Svet and, well, the rest of the list is still open to persuasion. LOL.

To PayU2 Or Not To PayU2

That is the question. Jade is getting TONS of opportunities there, and I am more than impressed. There are certain sites that I have to give up though, and since I've come to love one of those sites, I don't know. That site has been good to me. Not a steady income, but high-paying articles just the same. I know I will be better off with PayU2 but something still tugs me back. I know I'm just a couple of deleted scripts and I'm good to go. But arrrggh. So Jade, in all her wisdom (naks), suggested that I just make a new niche blog. So I'm mulling over that as a more desirable solution to this dilemma. Will I maintain the dangerously flimsy hold I have on my sanity if I have to maintain three blogs? That is the new question. I've been neglecting some blog responsibilities (Niko's meme, for one. Sorry marce!) the past weeks because of a lot of other stuff (especially watching dozens of movies with my sister. LOL. A lotta time to catch up on) and I feel horrible and good at the same time. Does that make sense? No? Oh dear. I just wasted a page of virtual paper on rambling again.