On Moving

Factors like neighbors, work, health and personal relationships are the reason why people move and sell their house. My family has moved several times already during my lifetime so I know how moving can be chaotic. So here are some tips:

You should be able to determine the cost needed in moving. Plan ahead. Decide whether you'll move by yourself or hire a Moving Company. Contact them as soon as you can so they can give you the estimate of the job and necessary equipments.

If you can't make your own moving checklist, download free checklists in the website to help you get started. Hiring professional movers is not necessary if you are moving to a small apartment, no big furnitures and if you have friends willing to help you. If you will hire professionals, select your moving day. Weekends, first and last week of the month are usually harder and the most expensive time to rent. Consider only those trusted and referred movers. Know the size of truck you need and confirm your reservation so everything will flow smoothly on your moving day.

Do not pack everything. Donate some of the things you don't need to a charity or sell it so you'll save a lot of time. Pack them separately so you won't be confused. Never pack in different rooms. Focus on one room to avoid confusion.

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