Combatting Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress means putting your body's antioxidant off-balance, which results to decline in optimum body functions. Oxis (whose official website is located at, a company who develops Ergothioneine and other therapeutic compounds in the plans of selling beauty products which contains such, is driven to counteract the harmful effects of said stress. Their target market is huge, I mean, who would not be interested in their products, especially if the products are anti aging? It is human nature to not want to grow any older than one can prevent by using beauty products or subjecting oneself under the knife, and this is especially true of celebrities, whose main asset are their physical features.

Glutathione, for one, is all the rage nowadays because of its apparent effectiveness when it comes to neutralizing penny stocks & free radicals. This beauty product is especially marketable in Asia, where most women are brown-skinned, since one of the effects of the product is that it whitens the skin. The progress of Oxis as a company will mean a lot to the nutraceutiecal, cosmecuetical and therapeutics industry, as the development of their compounds will have a significant effect on the potential ingredients used on beauty products, which can only make those products more effective.

Anyone Excited For Eclipse?

Well I am. I never thought I'd get this vampire fever, because in the start I think I cannot simply like vampire love stories. But I have to give it to Meyer. She is a great writer, to say at the very least. You wanna know how good she writes? So much so that I already think Robert Pattinson is kind of cute. I really, really thought the first time I laid my eyes on him in the movie that they could have casted a more gorgeous male specie. But after reading the saga and imagining him while I'm reading, I am swayed by Meyer's description of Edward's character in the book. Not exactly swooning over Pattinson yet, I'm far from being his biggest fan, but he plays the role well, and he has already owned it.

I have read the four books during my vacation (yes, I can't believe I just did it, and I think I am the last one of my book lover friends to read), and I'm already looking forward to the third installation of the movie (which shows tomorrow here in our country). I've been hounding for a torrent to download, but so far I come up empty. I cannot watch it in the movie house, for one because I don't have anyone to watch it with (sucks to live in Baguio during these times. I hate you Peh and Fedhz) and I don't want to leave Svet (I doubt if she can sit through the entire movie so there's no question about not bringing her).

I Melt With You

Yes you, people of the lowland. If I was literally melting, I'd be half my original form by now. The heat is as harsh as my Business Mathematics professor in college, but even the horrible teacher sometimes gives us a break. The heat doesn't let up, day in and day out. If not for our second meet tomorrow at Peh's and Paulie's as well as my nephew Hendrix's birthday next week, we'd have been on board a bus to Baguio a few days ago. I mean seriously. It's affecting my ability to function at work (which is the main reason why I've done little to none at all ever since we got here), heck when it comes to that, my ability to think clearly. And I easily get irritated over little things. Paulie and I had exactly nine rows ever since I got here a week ago, which is a record already, considering that we haven't had a fight in several months prior to our going here. And I blame the heat for that. Seriously, this heat is turning me mad, like I could just rip off the spoiler off a passing car and hurl it at whoever is unfortunate enough to cross me. Oh dear. Six days more.


What Will I Do If I Will Win $100

This is my official entry to Noel and Levy's Thanksgiving Contest. You can join too! Just click the link, follow the requirements and you're set!


What will I do if I win $100? Firstly, I will do a cartwheel. LOL. Joking. I can't even properly bend my back. Seriously though, I've been planning for the longest time to buy a bigger computer table. My desk right now is the standard size and I can't even find a place to put my coffee Chocquick cup in without accidentally brushing against it. I've been eating in front of my computer too, lately, what with the amount of work that I have to finish before I take a two-week semi-break. With a bigger desk, I can move freely about doing what I have to do, and being a WAHM, that's essential.

So why haven't I bought one for myself if it's important to my job? If you know me, you'd know that my last priority is myself. I'd rather spend what money I have for the family, rather than on something for myself. But if ever I win, I will make it a point to set the prize aside to buy me a bigger work table. Here's my table now (devoid of clutter for publicity purposes. LOL):

See? I hardly have any place to put my stuff. And here's my dream table.

Much bigger and more presentable right? This actually costs around $225 online, but I know a neighbor who's a carpenter who can do the same design for me for less. So there. I am crossing my fingers and I hope I win this one in time for my birthday! Woot!


Noel & Levy's Thanksgiving Contest

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Spring Cleaning

It's not spring, but we're cleaning anyways. Why? My mom is coming in a few days! She's really particular about cleanliness, and more often than not, the house condition as she left it is considerably worse when she gets home. No matter how hard and long we clean the house prior to her expected arrival, she still finds something to fret about. This time I just know it would be the state of the "royal garden", as we fondly call our house front where we have lots of plants. I don't think the power of all the Mountfield mowers in the world can immediately fix the garden before mom comes home. I tell you, the overgrowth will seriously send Mountfield lawnmowers in hiding for fear of breakdown because of the cleaning that the garden needs.

It is worse now that Paulie is not here. He is the only one in the house who is patient enough to trim the plants once in a while to make the house look like it has been daily taken care of with Mountfield petrol lawnmowers, and now that he's went ahead to Bulacan with Svet, neither me nor my sister dare touch the plants. Besides having zero knowledge in taking care of plants (you should see the tomatoes, they are literally drooping), we are afraid some insect or another will come crawling up our legs or arms (or worse, our faces) while working outside. We are so dead when mom comes. She will throw a fit, I'm positive of that. And yet we cannot do anything about it. Save for calling someone who knows his Mountfield. Question is, where will we find that person. Hmmm..