The Reason Why..

I work my butt off for mere cents. Why I get excited when new opportunities come in. Why I want a better life. Why I refuse to think of myself first. Why I have a purpose in life. The ONLY reason why:

Woot! Another $20 From IMRC!

I am so sorry. I know most of my posts these days are full of IMRC. I just can't help it. I've cashed out $61.71 in a span of eight days and in all my time of being a freelancer, no other site has given me more without busting my brains out or boring me out of my skull (except for mTurk. I mean that's my main source of income so that's an exception). I requested another $20 just a minute ago, and I know I will wake up tomorrow with that amount deposited in my PayPal already. There's just been a lot of skeptics coming off on all sides about IMRC that I feel hurt as someone who's already been paid thrice and has been treated nothing but warmly by fellow community members. Leaving DM on my Twitter account with nothing but snide comments has left me resolved more than ever to defend the authenticity of the site.

I don't know why there are still unbelievers in the first place. The screenshots I provide are obviously genuine, I am not in any way employed by the site to promote them (except of course to get my referrals, which is normal for all members) and I hardly even have active referrals who help me reach my payout faster (I must mention Pehpot here again, as she is the ONLY other IMRC addict that I personally know), so really. I don't know why all the negativity. My mantra right now (which is getting harder and harder to recite) is I MUST NOT BITCH. So I wouldn't. I'll just enjoy what comes to me every four days. Here's the latest screen capture of my dashboard instead. I'll let it scream for me. I'm gonna shut up now.

Baguio Centennial Celebration

The first major event I experienced while living here was Panagbenga back in February, and it was HUGE. There are so many people in town during that time that it redefined the law of physics, the one that says no two things can occupy the same space at the same time. You can actually get from one place to another without moving a muscle. And no, there's nothing magical about it. You just relax and let yourself be carried by the moving mass of people to where you want to go. Although the price of that is knowing what the person next to you had for breakfast (or dinner, if worse comes to worst). Burnham was packed with picnickers we had to scour almost the whole park in order to find a decent place to spread out our picnic mat on. Decent, at the time, meant dangerously close to an overflowing garbage bin, so the instant another group of people packed up, we jumped to replace them.

Now comes the Baguio Centennial celebration. Yep. 100 years of being the Baguio City that we all know. Almost 100 years (97 years, to be precise) of being the summer capital of the Philippines). And despite the fact that the name of the city may have come from its homonym "bagyo" (which is Tagalog for "typhoon") because of the seemingly unendless afternoon rains, Baguio actually came from the word "bagiw" (Ibaloi term meaning ‘moss’. Ibaloi is the the indigenous language of the Benguet Region, for the curious.) And yes, I did a little research on that. It didn't just come out of my head like Athena coming out of Zeus'. I don't even know the name of our mayor here, or I have heard of it but it refused to stick to my brain).

The celebrations started last week of August, but it's the September 1 parade and fireworks that got me excited. The last time Svet saw fireworks was during Panagbenga, and I was amused at her reaction I just have to have a glimpse of that again. September 1 will be packed full of activities. The centennial parade will start at 8 a.m. at the upper Session Road, for those who are planning to go. There will be a ceremony for the centennial awardees at the Athletic Bowl in Burhham Park at 11 am. They are busy building something at the park right now, and I can only assume it's the centennial markers that the city will unveil the same day. The fireworks will also be at Burnham, although I'm not sure what time it will start. We might be spending the rest of the day waiting for the fireworks at the park, so say hello if you're there.

Another $20 Cash Out from IMRC!

Ooohhh...I am SO loving this site. Two $20 cash out in two weeks! Wow. I am floored by how much more I could earn if I stick to this one and if I was not so lazy. Ha ha. Oh man, I am SO in love with IMRC, seriously. And for course, it's also thanks to Pehpot's addiction to the site which made me reach another payout sooner. Hehe. But as I can see she is also halfway to making her first payout so yay! for both of us. Here's a screen capture of my PayPal account several hours after requesting payout:

Update on My Online Earning Sources 2

Where was I before I was interrupted by a grumbling stomach? Oh yeah. SocialSpark (SS), which most of you might know, is a paid-to-post site. I love SS for the fact that it doesn't offer you less than $5 a post, but the offers are few and far in between, and it rare that within a week you get two or more offers. I only started being active at SS on June, and have done several posts to date (some of which are still waiting for the 30-day wait in order to be paid to me). What I hate about SS is that they have a minimum payout, which is $20 (now $50, see my post here). It's easy to reach if you're RealRank is uber high, but for the so-so rankers like me, it's not the most ideal setup. But hey, I've already been paid twice. Proof below:

What I am focusing my efforts on right now is the Internet Marketing Report Card (IMRC) site. As the case with most other sites, Philippine users got blanket-banned from using the site, and just as I've given up the hope of ever rejoining the site, something prompted me to visit the site and try to sign up again. Fortunately, they are accepting applicants again (more recent update: not anymore!) and have set up measures in order that those wanting to game the system will not be able to rejoin the site again. I've actually posted about IMRC and its benefits here and here so we will not be discussing that again today. It actually took me five hours (not in one sitting though. it was accumulated hours in two days) to earn my first $20, with what the additional measures IMRC has put in place to make sure that no one grades products without fully reading the reviews first. I'm already halfway through my second payout, and the first payout I requested a day ago was already paid to my PayPal account, proof of which is below:

I'm also at Microworkers, kinda like mTurk but on a much smaller scale. Upon sign up you'll get $1.50 for starting your own campaign, which you can use to ask everybody else at Microworkers to do stuff for you (i.e., visit your site, follow you on Twitter, bookmark your site, etc). Minimum payout is $9, which I got after two weeks of doing tasks (on and off, like myLot) for them. I know, small amount. But it adds up, every little bit each month. The campaigns that I like the most are those that asks me to submit an article for them or post an article in my blog, because they pay a bit higher than the click or sign up tasks. But it's up to you what you like to do, you just pick from the array of campaigns listed at the site after sign-up. Payment screenshot below:

Ooops. Long again. I will discuss my other sidelines at another time. Don't expect me to discuss any pay-to-click sites, though. I've given up on them long ago. They bore me to death, honestly. In the mean time, I need to work at mTurk now. Later!

Update on My Online Earning Sources

I've gotten a few requests to discuss how I make money online. It's been a while since I actually discussed said topic, considering how this blog is supposed to also discuss my work as per the header description. Haha. I will accompany the sideline description with screenshots of earnings on the respective sites, mainly for the skeptical. Warning: I will insert referral links below every chance I get so if you're not into earning money online, skip! Okay, so where do we start? As some of you may know, my main source of income right now is mTurk, which I get around $250-$350 a month from. I mainly do the Askville and the Ask A Question HITs because those are easy to do and give me large bonuses. I also get occasional paid-to-post opportunities there, as well as the requests to bookmark blogs to social networking sites (which takes me two seconds to do each HIT so I do them when they are available). Below is a screen taken from my mTurk dashboard:

I tweeted here a while ago that I got my myLot, Ciao and SocialSpark payments, so we will also discuss them here one by one. myLot, as some of you may know, pays you to participate in all sorts of discussions (family, relationships, other online-earning opportunities, music, etc). I've been a member for almost a year, but I've been on and off (mostly off) when another opportunity captures my interest. Haha. If you're good in discussions and you don't mind making a bit of extra money while having fun, then myLot can earn you around $20 a month. Proof of payments below. For the curious, the $10 I paid to the site is to fund my tasks (stuff that I request other myLotters to do for me in exchange of a payment.)

Ciao (the paid-to-review site), as you might all know, have blanket-banned the Philippines from using their site, and the reason why I still got a payment from them was that I requested to withdraw my leftover balance a couple of months ago. I only got three payments from Ciao, back then I was not into this whole review a product thing. Payment proof below:

Hmmm..Post is kinda long now. Be back later with a part two. And I haven't eaten lunch. So. Later!

Link From Blog

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I saw this new paid-to-post site from Shelo (thanks girl!) and thought I should check it out. I haven't taken any opportunities yet from the site, but the interface navigates like a dream (which is one of my main criteria for judging how a site and I are going to get along. haha), which means I didn't get lost and I found everything I needed to find (the F.A.Q., primarily), so initially based on that, I think me and Link From Blog gonna be cool. They DO promise that I'll earn a thousand bucks a month from them, and isn't it enough to arouse anyone's interest? Yes, in case you haven't noticed by now, I am money-hungry. LOL. But then again, it's still too early to get any real feedback from me, so we'll see, we'll see. It never hurts to try, right? I'm okay with being guinea pig now, I realized it's the only way I'm ever gonna get anywhere. Ha ha.

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Heeere's Denise's New Layout!

Yay! After being MIA for almost a month, we finally finished Denise's blog design! Oh dear gawd, I'm afraid to look at it in IE. That browser always bashes my dreams. Ha ha. And every time I make a new layout, the more I realize how browser compatibility can be such a pain in the ass especially if you don't know what you're doing. LOL. Anyways, drop by her site and leave her some love if you please. I think we did a good job out of it, considering how I still don't get much of that HTML stuff going around in there and how my creative juices have dried up in the twenty days that my brain turned into jelly over too much watching cartoons. LOL. Screenshot is below. You can click it and will take you to her blog. Go on. Click. You know you want to. Next! :D

This Blog WAS In Hiatus

Just in case you didn't notice. Ha ha. The operative term here is "WAS" (is was, hmmm. I didn't realize you can actually write those two words one after the other without inciting the wrath of grammarians everywhere.) Twenty days. Wow. That long already? I didn't realize. Must be from watching all those movies while I was on break. I HAD to take a break, see. My 512 speed was killing me. It wouldn't be too bad if I wasn't on Vista. Unfortunately, I am, so there. But I'm back (yay!) and I will be visiting your blogs as soon as I get the more immediate tasks out of my back (paid writing opps (one of which is about to expire in two hours. yikes!) and mTurk, mainly). Thank you for all those who missed me and searched high and low for a sign of me. I was on Twitter some of those days (if you were following me you would've known. Ha ha. And yes, that was a ploy to get you guys to follow me. LOL!)

You know what's weird? When I'm not blogging I feel like I can actually live without all of this, but when I start typing in this New Post page, I ALWAYS, always realize how much fun I have blogging and how much I love to just write. Another thing that came out of this hiatus was that I have found a new love, in the person of Riley Poole (played by Justin Bartha) of the National Treasure movies. I LOVE his dry sense of humor and he's cute. Plus I'm acting like a school girl and I know I should stop now. Ha ha. Seriously. Watch it if you haven't already. Just forgive the highly improbable plot and enjoy the dialogue.

There's another contest coming. I think. First I just have to finish Denise's blog (I'm sorry hun for taking too long!) and then on to a new giveaway. Again, I'm sorry for being the pestilential toad by not even peeking in here all those twenty days, but I'm back now and that's what matters right? (or not. ha ha). And besides, you probably are used to me suddenly floating out of space. Hehe. I WILL be blog hopping later, so see ya!