Stats! Finally!

You may have noticed that I am spending less and less time here on my Blogger blog lately (and I've kinda been thinking of finally redirecting this to a domain, but that's another post altogether), so when I logged in to check for comments I was surprised at the new tab called Stats on the dashboard. I knew of the Stats feature a while back because I log in to Blogger drafts once in a while to check out Blogger improvements, but I didn't know it has come out of the uh, beta state until today.

It's not as comprehensive as what WordPress offers, but good enough for your basic statistics needs. What I liked most was I already know what my top posts are (or at least, the posts that get the highest number of views). I also found out a couple of interesting traffic sources which I should take more advantage of, and I didn't realize that I get so much traffic from those sites until Blogger Stats showed up in the dashboard. Pretty useful for bloggers who get paid to post, as well, because I have noticed some pay to post companies ask for monthly page views and such other statistics from us. It was possible before through the use of third-party data collectors, but now that it's a built-in feature, it makes it all the more convenient to place blog stats. More accurate too, methinks.

Money Matters

I've never been big on spending (except on food), so I know credit repair is the farthest thing I need when it comes to my finances. But I know a lot of people who spend more than their monthly income, and while that may not be an ideal situation for anyone, it is not a hopeless case to be in. In fact, having credit is as normal as taking a shower these days, what with how the economy has taken shape the past several years. Credit became an inevitable part of everyone's lives, one that one has to learn how to control or, if worse comes to worst, find a remedy for a damaged credit line.

Credit restoration is not everyone's forte. In fact, few people are able to manage their money as well as someone who was specifically educated and trained to handle finances. Like reputation, one's credit score is something that we have to take extra care of, since once tarnished, it will be difficult to get back to the way it used to be. However, when credit repair services like what the Lexington law firm offers came into the scene, a sigh of relief can be heard from anyone who's ever had a problem with negative items on their credit score. After all, these services can be all that it takes to get that score back in good shape again.


Thoughts On Blog Distributor

I have taken several writing opportunities from them for my two domains, since I trusted them enough in the start to actually write something for them. The system seems pretty well-thought out, and I was impressed in the beginning. But lately, I've been thinking twice. I had the initial perception that they pay monthly, based on what I read from their FAQ when I first signed up. But when I went back to read it again (prompted by Mys' comment on my post here) , it seems that that's not the case anymore.

More disturbing is the fact that the statement made regarding the date of pay is conflicting on two different parts of the FAQ. One part says:

How often do I get paid?
You get paid once a month.

Further in the the FAQ it stated that:

You will be paid once a month for approved postings from the previous 30 day period.
Yet immediately after the above statement, it said:

The monthly payment for your work in the form of a wire transfer or automatic deposit or check will be sent out to you within five days of the anniversary of the day that your original blog was certified by Blog Distributor.
Errrr, confusing much? When is it, really? I sent an email for clarification but I haven't heard from them yet, and it's been almost a week. Uh-oh. Another red flag. Tell me, has anyone ever been paid by them yet? Any payment proof from Blog Distributor? I would not like to gamble on writing ten to fifteen articles for a company who is not clear on their rules, and does not even bother to reply to bloggers' emails. So here's hoping someone out there knows the answer to my question.

Food Blog Name

So. I'm over the to buy or not to buy stage and have decided a couple of days back that I will buy a food blog of my own. Now I'm in the stage of deciding what domain name to purchase, and if you know me, you know that it usually takes me up to a week to finally settle on a good domain name. I already have several choices, all of which I showed Fedhz. She picked a couple from the list, two of which I am more partial to as well, but I am not closing the list yet, as I feel I could think of more catchy domain names than what I already have.

Of course you'll hear from me when I settle on that one perfect domain name for my food blog. I'll be launching it, after all. I just hope I can think of a good one sooner than later, so that I can start blogging on it and earn from it a couple of months from now. Wish me luck! ^^

Member's Mark Is On The Mark

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Member's Mark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Anyone who knows me thoroughly will know that I prefer store-brand products over other major brands, especially if in my experience, the standards of the cheaper alternatives are at par with (or sometimes even higher) the more expensive choice. Being the breadwinner in the family opened my eyes to such realities, and I'm glad there are store brands like Member's Mark which offer complete nutrition for baby’s health and development at a lower price.

Speaking of which, Member's Mark has come out with an exciting new packaging for the benefit of its patrons. Every can now comes with an easier-to-read product type, age and benefit indicators, compared to the previous packaging version. This is good news for parents, especially those like me who sometimes fails to read the label correctly and end up buying something other than the intended purchase. It must be noted though that the content is still the same and the formula didn't change, as well as the price points. If anything, Member's Mark is even lower price on some items.

Since Member's Mark continues to meet all strict FDA guidelines, parents can be rest assured that they are still getting the same nutrition that they have come to know of the store brand. It still has DHA and ARA to help support brain and eye development of your child, and is still available at Sam's Club. All that's changed is the product packaging, which they improved in hopes of better consumer information and easier accessibility.

Visit my sponsor: Member's Mark

Do You Eat What You Can't Spell/ Pronounce?

This was a fun discussion I had in myLot, so I thought I'd bring it up here. I read of this golfer who says that he prefers to eat only the things that he can spell (name is Boo Weekley, for the curious). Which got me to thinking, I would definitely hem and haw before ordering a serving of Bouillabaisse, or telling the girl at the supermarket that I want half a kilo of gewurztraminer grapes, or asking for the waiter to get me a fondue Bourguignonne, or a plate of tteokbokgi, or a bottle of viognier because I'm really thirsty, or a meal consisting of Carpaccio de Boeuf, Soupe a l'Orignon and Avocat et Oeufs a la Mousse de Crabe.

Excuse my French. I mean really, excuse my French. LOL.

It's a good thing I can already use the copy paste function, since I honestly CANNOT spell those food I just mentioned! Haha! Do you think they make it hard to spell and pronounce just so they can sell it more expensively? Tee hee.

To Buy Or Not To Buy

Another domain, that is. I'm more partial to buying, right now, what with the earning potential of a domain. I am still thinking of what niche to write on, though. I already have a beauty/fashion blog, and although I am no expert on the subject, I find that I can easily relate to the materials that is expected of such type of blog, which makes it easier for me to compose articles for it.

A health blog might be possible, although I prefer a food blog over that niche. I must be the only blogger in the world left without a food blog to call my very own. I like to visit other food blogs and stare at food pictures (making myself hungry in the process. LOL), but I don't know if I got what it takes to be the author of one. Sure I love to eat, but methinks I at least have to know how to cook something other than fried and boiled food. LOL. Would make adding content to it so much easier.

I should decide soon, no? The more time I waste, the larger income I would lose from such dilly-dallying. Plus, knowing me, it takes me an awful amount of time to decide on a domain name. Sheesh.