A Bigger Bathroom? Yes Please.

Some of you may know that we have moved to a much smaller (albeit more accessible) house last month, and while it's been quite easy to clean because of it's size, I miss the extra space that a bigger house affords. The bathroom, for one, could use more space. I would've liked to place our washing machine there if it fits, but unfortunately it doesn't, so Paulie washes our clothes outside in the common washing area. Common, but right now we're the only ones using it. Now I have more reason to drool over the bathroom suites over at Better Bathrooms, they have tons of to-die-for furniture and accessories for that part of the house we all love to use but hate to clean. LOL.

There's a stock clearance going on at the site (up to 55% off RRP) which I would gladly take advantage of had we transferred to a bigger house with a bigger bathroom. A vanity unit with a black worktop would be a dream come true, but as things stand, even a washstand (which, by the way, Better Bathrooms both offer) would make it impossible to move around. The floor tiles on the site I can't resist. The tiles offered at Better Bathrooms make me want to order, though. The black Compass Polar is something I would want to step on inside our bathroom, as compared to the pink ones we have now.

Whew. The site is really heaven to look at for "bathroom enthusiasts" (if there are such a group of people). The navigability of the Better Bathrooms store front also leaves no room for confusion, and their delivery options as well as the ability to track orders makes it all the more convenient for customers. The number of customer reviews on the site indicates satisfied customers, but in case you aren't one of them, Better Bathrooms offers a 7 day money back guarantee if you're not happy with the quality of the item received. Good business sense, if I may say so. Overall, a reputable seller a homeowner can deal with without hesitation, so if you happen to be renovating or building your house right now, Better Bathrooms is the place to go for your bathrooms furniture and accessories needs.