Rush Rush Rush

I cannot believe how many design clients are asking to rush their orders these days. It's like everyone is going on a vacation and want their blogs to have a new look before they leave. LOL. Not complaining about the extra money though (they pay for extra of course, my lovely clients!) but I am hardly on Facebook anymore. LOL. Yeah, that's what I'm complaining about. I cannot get on Facebook as much as I want to nowadays. Ha ha.

We are about to go on a 3-day vacation out of town (to Vigan, for the curious) and I'm pretty excited to take some time off work and be with the family, just exploring the wonders of Vigan. I haven't been there before, so another thing to be excited about. I've already advised my clients to hold off their excitement for a while about their new designs because I seriously need this break.

How about you? What's keeping you busy these days? ;)

Big, Big Girl

Since second year high school, I've always been one of the tallest girls in class. Also always one of the slimmest, so you can imagine how I stand out even if I don't want to. My height I've always been uncomfortable about since, well, forever, but my weight I'm pretty okay with. I mean, I can eat a lot without gaining too much weight, who doesn't want that?

But as with all good things, my eating like a pig without consequence came to an end. You know how our metabolism slows down when we get older? Well, it's finally caught up with me. Last last week me and my sister Phoebe went out to buy ourselves a pair of jeans each. How silly of me to ask for my old size before I gave birth to my daughter. I thought I didn't expand an inch since then. LOL. Turns out, I am already three inches larger. Augh. So much for pretending to have a size 26 waist.

The low carb cereal that nobody in the house was paying attention to before is now eaten during breakfasts by yours truly. I cannot afford to grow an inch larger anymore. That would mean I would have to buy another pair of jeans again. Which is a crime, really.

Reuniting With An Old Flame

I used to have a passionate love affair with reading, the kind that gets me in trouble from too much of. When I became a mom, I only get to read when time permits me, and it's not very often these days as I have tons of work. Rarely do I make time for it anymore, and rarer even that I get to read an actual book (as opposed to an e-book, which is readily available in my hard drive).

But, the other day while I was cleaning the house, I found an old book of my grandpa's that I've been meaning to read for the longest time (Degree of Guilt, Richard North Patterson). I decided that I needed a break from work because it's been stressing me so much lately, and reading seemed like the perfect way to unwind.

So here I am, halfway through the book. I realize I really miss this old hobby. I made a promise to myself to buy a couple of books the next time we go out, and I intend to keep that promise no matter what. I've been out of the loop regarding what good books to read, though. Any suggestions?


Family Trips and Vacations

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Heading to a beach is also another great way to spend time with your family outside and enjoying the summer heat. Heading to the lakes in the Catskills is a way to enjoy swimming and boating. Heading down to Long Island to experience the beaches and the ocean is another wonderful way to get outside and bond with your family. There are many kid friendly beaches that offer more than just sand and water to keep them occupied.

Taking your family to the wilderness of the Catskills or the ocean view of Long Island, there are many ways to spend time with your family to finish out your summer.