Pehpot Paparazzi

Still a few hours to go before the contest ends. LOL. Pehpot is into something again! Now that didn't come out as a surpirse, did it? Haha. Anyway, this time it's about the Real Leaf Green Tea contest started by Nuffnang. She needs your comments people! See her first stint as a paparazzi here, let her know what you think. And finally learn the secret hows she is able to maintain eight blogs while taking care of her four kids.

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The problem with having a toddler inside the house is that everything within her reach is subject to chaos. Svet can create havoc within five minutes if you left her alone without a paper to color on or anything that can keep her mind off the tabletops. It's what she does best right now. Rearranging everything inside the house. So much that everyday, there is always something that we need to look for. No use asking her where she put it, she still cannot speak very clearly. Plus she can't understand that much yet. You ask her something and she'll just stare at you with those big eyes of hers or smile at you foolishly. Frustrating, but I know that's part of her growing up years. Imagine how much more efficient it would be if our whole house would be like the Internet. One query off a search engine and we'll find what we're looking for. Like, we'll type slippers and it'll point out to us where Svet put her slippers. It's a good thing I don't have CDs anymore. All my music and videos are stored in my hard drive. Otherwise we'd need Music, Video Search Engine as well, to locate the whereabouts of my discs. Oh the joy of parenting.

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

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Red And Blues

Red is the color of the approaching month, and if you don't know why, then you should seriously consider getting out of your cold cave. There is a plethora of articles about Valentine's Day ideas for girls and women coming out nowadays, but I must admit, I don't have use for it now. Me and Paulie have been together for almost five years now, and have been living under the same roof for three, and Valentine's is not as special as it used to be. I know that ideally, it shouldn't be that way, but Paulie isn't a naturally sweet guy (I mentioned last GT that he is sweet, but in his own weird way), and I am not exactly sugary sweet myself neither. So yes, I may not have an entry for the third GT this month. LOL. Or maybe I'll just post a picture of him and me doing the dishes together. Ain't that sweet? Hahaha! Or maybe, as my sister suggested, we'll go to Burnham Park with Svet and watch the fireworks there. I think there's a fireworks display every Valentine's at Burnham. Hmm.. Yes, maybe we'll just do that, so I'll have something to post for GT. Haha! Yes, all for the love of Marce Niko.

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I Miss Nanay!

When I learned I was pregnant with Svet, Paulie and I moved closer to where we work (I was still a "writer/researcher" back then, he was an in-between animator), so we chose Cubao (a commercial area in Quezon City, Philippines). It is only five-minutes away from my old office and thirty minutes away from his. We rented an unbelievably expensive box (it is Cubao, after all) and only survived because of Nanay. Nanay Esting is the very kind mother of Ate Mariz, who is Kuya Dick's wife, who was our landlord, the guy who owns two cars, both of which have pretty huge spoilers. Nanay took us in like we were her own children. She was the person who answered the gate when we were house-hunting. We immediately liked her on that very first encounter. She says her words without the letter H (she's Kapampangan). She has a very child-like demeanor that's disarming.

When we left the house that day Paul and I knew that we found a temporary home. We moved in two days later, and she was just heaven sent to us. Whenever it's raining and we're not around, Nanay Esting would collect our clothes outside so that it wouldn't be soaked. We only have one bed sheet during our first night there so she lent us one of her own. She would offer her hangers for us to hang our clothes on when we didn't have enough of them. She would give us food whenever she cooks something special (her Pochero is a killer! I miss that!). She lent us money when we ran short. I don't think there's nothing she wouldn't do to help us. She even gave us advice about life, told us about her life (and love!) story, which endeared her to us even more.

When we left, she told us to come back and visit her from time to time. But we haven't gone back ever since.
*sigh* How I wish we had the time to visit her last Christmas. She would've been glad to see Svet. I miss that old lady dearly. I wonder how is she doing now? I have her number on my other sim. I wonder if it's still working. I should text her. I even blogged about her in my old Friendster blog one year ago. No links. If you want to see it, ask me for it. Bleh. Hee hee.

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My Fondest Christmas Memory

My fondest Christmas memory was when I found out there was no real Santa. LOL. Just kidding. Do you want to hear that story? Errr.. No.I'm supposed to tell you my fondest memory, not the funniest. Haha! I will tell you about that some other day, but right now, let me go back to 2008, which was the year that my Christmas was the best. Why so recent? Is it perhaps I cannot remember anything that are more than 24 hours old? LOL. No, it's not that. As soon as I started to really dig through my memory bank (and that means going around at the back of the house where nobody else is around and just sit there for about thirty minutes and looking and laughing at old photos for another thirty), they all came back. As waaaayy back as 1988. But why did I chose 2008?

You see, me and my cousins from my mother's side has always been close. As in super close. I think it stemmed from the fact that we growing up, we always lived near each other. I am one of the oldest in the lot, and maybe that's where I get all my craziness from (because of those kids). June 7 2008, a mere six days after Svet's first month birthday, we moved to Baguio. It was an exciting thought. We have been constantly moving throughout my entire life but we have never moved as far as that. But it was somewhat saddening just the same. I know it means being away from those crazy cousins that I have come to love over the years, no matter how loony they may be.

Baguio is not that far away, but none of them owns a car that can take them here on a whim. It has to be a planned vacation, something that I know will involve budgeting (there are so many of them!) and schedule
issues (they go to different schools and of course have other miscellaneous places to go to). So Christmas 2008 was nearing, and there was no word from them. I was getting sad by the minute. It hit me that it was the first time that I will not be spending my Christmas with the loonies, and they haven't even told me of their plans. Was moving here to Baguio worth it?

December 19. It was very early in the morning and very cold. A knock on our door. I was irritated to be disturbed in our sleep. I got up and answered the door. And there they were in all their shivering glory. ALL nineteen of them (including my grandmother, my tita, my sister and her son). I have never seen a noisier bunch, but I've never been this touched as well. I was confused, naturally, as to why they were there. Turns out my Tita in London organized that vacation and wanted my grandmother to spend Christmas in Baguio. My grandma, who always wants her grandchildren in tow, brought more than half of Bulacan's population with her.

My favorite girls, plus my tita

December 24th around four p.m., the older cousins and I, plus Paul and my Tita, helped prepared the food for our Noche Buena. The younger cousins slept early, to be waken up when the food is ready.
We decided to hop on a taxi and go to Burnham Park around six while waiting for the food to be cooked (there was a lot to be cooked, since there were tons of people in our house). My cousins are camera whores, so they spent part of the night taking pictures of themselves and of us. We had trouble looking for a taxi on the way home, and had to run everywhere going after taxis, laughing like maniacs on Harrison Road. We finally grabbed a taxi, who was hesitant to let us in because there were so many of us. I honestly don't know how we fit inside, but we gotta get home or our grandmother and my mom would be angry, so we somehow managed to become sardines for about twenty minutes.

Christmas night at Burnham Park

Needless to say, I had a Christmas blast! Not only during Christmas day but for everyday that they were here. It was tiring everyday, cleaning up after those crazy kids, but it was all worth it for the fun they brought with them. Christmas 2009 we were the ones to go there and spent the holidays with the crazies. I am now content in the knowledge that no matter how far away we may live, we all will find a way to spend time with each other. I know that if we are not able to go there, they will spend time here with us. They are actually planning to go here in June or July (when my Tita in London together with her two kids which I also lurve to bits come home for a vacation), and have you guessed it already? I am looking forward to it.

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Top Commentator Widget For Blogger

Here is the code (original pipe and codes provided by BloggerSentral, date limit feature by Pehpot's husband, edited by moi, long-winded [but NOT boring!] story HERE) that you can use to display the top commentators of your Blogger blog and give some some love to people who love you the most. The features?

  • It ACCURATELY displays the top commentators from the last FIVE THOUSAND (5000) comments of your blog.
  • You are allowed to exclude THREE commentators of your choice (Anonymous is already excluded)
  • You can set the number of names to display on your sidebar and commentators' links are linked to URL provided.
  • You can set the date for inclusion and exclusion (i.e. you want the list to show ONLY the top commentators for the whole month of January).
  1. Go to Layout and click Add a Gadget.
  2. Choose HTML/JavaScript.
  3. Copy and paste the below codes on the HTML/JavaScript gadget.
  4. <script type="text/javascript">
    function getYpipe(feed) {
     var i;
     for (i = 0; i < feed.count ; i++)
     var href = "'" + feed.value.items[i].link + "'";
     if(feed.value.items[i].link == "")
    var item ="<li>" + feed.value.items[i].title + "</li>";
    var item = "<li>" + "<a href="+ href + '" target="_blank">' + feed.value.items[i].title + "</a> </li>";
     <script src="
     &ExcludeCommentsBefore=SET START DATE HERE (i.e. 01-01-2010)
     &IncludeCommentsBefore=SET END DATE HERE (i.e. 01-31-2010)
    type="text/javascript"></script><br />
    <center><a href="">GET YOUR OWN TOP COMMENTATOR WIDGET!</a></center>
    HOW TO COPY CODE: Click on the "view plain" text in the upper left corner of the code box (see screenshot below). A window will pop up. Just Hit Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to copy the entirety of the codes.
  5. Edit the following parts of the code above to reflect your own settings (ONLY the below settings, nothing more):
  6. YourBlogUrl= &ExcludedNick1=1ST name to exclude &ExcludedNick2=2ND name to exclude &ExcludedNick3=3RD name to exclude &ShowHowMany=Number of people to show in the list, i.e. 10. Default is 10. &ExcludeCommentsBefore=Start date &IncludeCommentsBefore=End date
  7. Don't forget to type in an appropriate title in the gadget box, i.e. Top Commentators or They Love Me Most, whatever floats your boat.
  8. Hit the delicious orange SAVE button.
That's it! Easy-peasy, huh? And yes, this widget IS as ACCURATE as it can get, all thanks to Greenlava and Pehpot's husband. I cannot thank you both enough! You're a love! I know I have just given you readers the biggest headache of all with my tutorial, so for any questions, feel free to comment below!

Search For The Perfect Top Commentator Widget

Do you see my Top Commentator widget somewhere down my sidebar? I've always had that but it was only yesterday that I finally got a great code (thanks Greenlava!!!) which ACCURATELY displays the number of the top commentators of my blog on my sidebar. Please skip this post and go straight to the nitty-gritty here (THE code to install) if you're not interested in a detailed explanation of how I got the code and why do I need it. LOL. You see, the usual codes only allow for tracking your last TWO HUNDRED (200) comments (from the default comments feed of Blogger). I thought it was "resetting" every month, because the numbers do not pile up, but no, it was actually just reading the last 200.

Anyways, so I was looking for a code that actually worked. I thought I found one because it claimed to detect the last 5000 comments of my blog. IT DIDN'T. I had no choice but to look at the source code (coming from Yahoo Pipes) and try to figure out a workaround to my problem. To date, I am certain I have more than 200 comments here, so the codes I have tried simply wouldn't work. And since our contest involves commenting and counting (I also needed to provide the codes to our generous first and second tier sponsors), it is essential that I get one that actually works for the last thousand or so comments. And that was when I stumbled upon BloggerSentral and the uber helpful Greenlava. He so kindly allowed us to clone his pipe and edit the source to fit our needs, and edit it I did. It wasn't hard to figure out because Greenlava did a swell job in starting it right, and yes, it is 100% accurate.

For the codes I've been yapping about, go here or here. Actually, the two links just land on the same page. I'm just playing with you. LOL.

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

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GT: First Boyfriend

Whew. Was this month a controversial one for Girls Talk or what?? LOL. I hope no relationships were damaged. Haha! Kidding. So this last installment is about our very first boyfriend. Is this the most crucial moment of all? Hee hee. My first was Marco. Okay, so I am drawing the line here. NO SURNAMES. LOL. So why the secrecy after all this time? Because ours was what I'd like to call a loose end. We did not separate formally. We just moved to another place, and we lost touch. Poof. Just like that. I guess it's our being young at the time. Or the fact that he was my first boyfriend and I didn't know how to handle break-ups then.

Anyway, to compensate for his secret identity, I'll tell you about him. He's a great guy. We only lasted a couple of months but he was the sweetest boyfriend I had. He gave me flowers, greeting cards on special days,
a stuffed toy and all those cheesy stuff guys gave to girls during high school. He came to our house just to get a glimpse of me even if there was a fierce storm that time and the flood water was knee-deep. He was also very chivalrous (yes, that archaic trait which seem to be heading fast into extinction), which was a kilig factor for me even at that time. It still is, by the way.

We go to different schools, but a girl classmate knows him because they're sort of neighbors, and she tells me how Marco is a crush ng bayan (the crush of the town) because he is a good dancer and he's a member of his school's dance troupe, and you know how dancers are perceived as coolness personified back then. Last time I heard from him was on Friendster, more than two years ago. And so I grabbed this picture of him from there. Wahahaha!
(kapal talaga ng mukha ko!) I think this was his high school graduation picture. He hasn't updated his profile since then so I don't know how he looks now. If you happen to know him, shush! He doesn't seem the type to blog though, so I'm pretty safe. LMAO.

I realized that another reason why I chose not to reveal his surname is because after re-reading this entry, I sound like I'm still in love with the guy. LOL. And surely, if Paulie happens to read this, he will hunt Marco down and skin that poor guy alive. LMAO. Hey. Can you blame me if Marco is super sweet? Paulie is sweet too, but in his own weird way. Hee hee. Of course, it's only Paulie that I love and Marco is just a mere memory (ano ito, Maala-ala Mo Kaya? LOL). Love you Paulie!

Nobita Syndrome

I am here in front of the computer since seven in the morning and I have yet to do anything I can add to my month's list of worthwhile activities. I have been reading the Doraemon manga since last night (thus the title, and I'm really Nobita* personified right now) and laughing over Ramon Bautista's tumblr entries and neglecting everything else that needs to be done. Right after doing a layout (I just finished Anna's, do visit her if you have the time. I haven't even have the strength to blog about it separately. Tomorrow I hope), this always happens to me. Now I can't even think of anything to add to this blog post.


I think I maybe entering a state of catatonia. What a posh word.

*Nobita is the uber lazy fourth grader whom Doraemon went back in time for to help. He always makes excuses not to do his assignments, he's VERY unlucky, he always makes his mom angry, he's uncoordinated. Yep. Me alright.

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A Tale Of Two Piglets

Once there were two piglets who lived far away from each other. One was named Sati (Pehpot's princess), the other was named Elijah (my younger sister's son). They both like feeding time, they both can't wait to be able to eat solid food, they are both in the running for Michelin mascots (just give them ample time to grow those arms and legs), they both like to pose for the camera, but in this particular case, both have expressions in their faces which seemed to be asking, "What the heck were we featured here for?"

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IMPORTANT Contest Updates!

We will be giving away an extra $50 for the FIRST TEN people who can complete the required mechanics!!! We won't be posting contest points today because we want to take this contest to a more exciting level by giving away more! Since you are going to have to do the requirements eventually anyway, why not make it TODAY so you can get an INSTANT $5? So yes, as mentioned,

The FIRST TEN participants who will be able to complete the required mechanics (BLOG ABOUT THE CONTEST and REVIEW 4 MAJOR SPONSORS) AUTOMATICALLY wins $5!

TAKE NOTE that if you have completed the required mechanics, COMMENT with the URL of your entry on their designated mechanics page.

Post the URL of your blog about the contest here.

Post the URL of major sponsors reviews here.

Astray URL comments (comments not on their designated mechanics page) will NOT be counted.

And if you're done with the required mechanics, you may now start gaining MORE points.

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

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Juli's Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Yep. I'm all about contests today. LOL. Anyway, Juli who owns the blog JuSanctuary decided to give away goodies since it's all about spreading the love this February. It's open to US and international (yay!) residents and will run until February 1st 12am PST. The prizes to be won are:

Be Mine necklace and earrings
Vanilla strawberry lip cream
Velvet leopard mini drawstring baggie
Leopard box

So head on to Juli's blog and get a chance to win those lovelies pictured above! I'd die for that lip cream right now. ღ

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

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Eminent Eights

Mommy Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts has always been giving me tags and awards and it's about time I post one of them. Thanks Tetcha! You know I appreciate it! *hugs* Marce Kikamz and Marce Chris tagged me with this one as well, so thanks so much too! Mwah! So this here's the Lucky Chinese tag called Eminent Eights, that requires me to answer eight times eight questions and tag eight friends, with the uber cute logo below:

8 TV Shows We Like to Watch:
1. SpongeBob Squarepants
2. Dora The Explorer
3. The Fairly OddParents
4. Wowowee
5. Showtime
6. Imbestigador
7. iCarly
8. Anything on NGC

8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink:
1. Jack's
2. Dane's
3. Jollibee
4. Chowking
5. KFC
6. Bagoong Club Resto
Pizza Hut
8. outside the house. LOL

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1. Spending the rest of my life with Paulie and Svet
2. Mom arriving every two or three weeks
3. Holidays
4. Bi-weekly movie marathon with Paulie
5. Hearing all of Svet's words
Weekend trips to the park
7. More blogs to design
8. Getting a house to call our own

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. Svet sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
2. We did the grocery shopping and went to market
3. Paulie washed our clothes
4. We fetched my youngest sister from school
5. Mom texted us a lot
6. Almost went to Burnham (it suddenly looked like it was about to rain, so we didn't go).
7. Ate Boy Bawang (adobo flavor) LOL
8. Slept early

8 Things I Love about Winter:
No winter! But it's pretty cold here, so...
1. Sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows
2. Walking long and often isn't half as irritating
3. Natural blush-on
4. Clean and crisp air
5. Bonfire
6. Snuggle time
7. More hugging
8. Can wear thick clothes without looking ridiculous

8 Things I Am Passionate about:
1. Writing
2. Good books
3. Great films
4. Happy music
5. Blog design
6. Svet's laugh
7. An engaging conversation
8. Baguio

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:
1. Kiss!
2. Love you!
3. Chiching
4. Anuberrr..
5. Daaaaad!
6. Eww eww!
7. Jeg-jeg-jegoy!
8. Holy shit! (blame the piglet)

8 Things I Learnt from the Past:
1. Moms know best
2. When you love, accept the other person as he/she is, without ifs and buts
3. Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family
4. The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement
5. It's not only Svet who grows. Paulie and I do, too
6. Revenge is not ours, it's God's (naks!)
7. Never miss an opportunity to say I Love You
8. There's no sense crying over spilled milk

8 Blog Friends We Want to Tag:
1. Anna
2. Fedhz
3. Sam
4. Yami
5. Jade
6. Liz
7. Gene
8. Mylene

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

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Another Giveaway!

Yinnie over at Jet-Girl is giving away a free cosmetics kit in honor of her 100 followers (and counting!). Obviously I am a contest whore as I just posted two contests in a row (not to mention OUR contest). LOL. Anyway, head on to Yin's site to know the details on how to join. It's easy peasy and hurry before the contest closes on February 20! Oh yes, the loot:

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

BIG Blogversary Contest

Cosmetics GiveAway!

Not my giveaway. LOL. Liza of My So-Called Life is giving away tons of makeup to four lucky winners (to be randomly drawn at the end of the month) and since I am in dire need of a beauty boost myself (Yep. I am haggard personified), I decided to try my luck. Join in the fun! Click here to go to the contest page and maybe one of us can snag one of the prizes! Good luck to us!

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

BIG Blogversary Contest

GT: First Kiss

It's a good thing hubby is not a green eyed monster, especially of things past, otherwise, we would have a big row after this month's topics are over. LOL. Anyway, this week's theme is about our very first kiss. So once again, I had to use extra brainpower for this. Marce Niko should have classified what type of kiss. Kiss on the cheek, smack on the lips, torrid?? Why am I so demanding of classification? LOL. Anyways. My first kiss was a Daycare Center classmate, and I was around four years old then. He was my escort during our United Nations celebration, us being Mr. and Mrs. United Arab Emirates. Haha! His name was Emmanuel, and much as I like to put his surname here, I cannot remember anymore. I asked my mom if she remembers, but she can't, as well. We have a picture together in our costumes back then, but I still have to look for it so it'll have to wait another time. Of course it was just a kiss on the cheek, and I even wonder up to now if that memory is not just made up. Niahehe.

The Outcome Of Boredom


For work, yes.
B - BIRTHDAY: July 26.
C - CRUSHING ON: ღ Bradley Cooper & Justin Bartha ღ
F - FAVORITE SONG: Love Story.
H - HOMETOWN: Bulacan.
I - IN LOVE WITH: See letter E.
J - JUGGLE: Work? You bet.
K - KILLED SOMEONE: Innumerable times. In my mind fortunately.
M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: Chocolate peanut butter ღ
O - ONE WISH: MacBook. ☺
W - WORST HABIT: Laziness.
Y - YOYOS: Broken.


Spell your name without vowels: Krn.
Your favorite number: 12.
What color do you wear most?: Pink, black.
Least favorite color?: Yellow.
What are you listening to?: Nephew's snoring.
Are you happy with your life right now?: Very.
What is your favorite class in school?: Humanities ღ
Are you outgoing?: Nope.
Favorite pair of shoes?: Chucks.
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: Nah.
Can you whistle?: A bit.
Cross your eyes?: Yep.


Do you believe in MAAAAGIC: My heart does ;)
Love at first sight?: No.
Do you believe in God?: Yes!
Do you believe in Santa?: When I was six.
Do you know how to swim?: No.
Do you like roller coasters?: Nope. Afraid.
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: Not in a million years.


Have you ever been on a plane?: Not yet.
Have you ever asked someone out?: Yes.
Have you ever been asked out by someone?: Yep.
Have you ever been to the ocean?: Several times.
Have you ever painted your nails?: More painting sessions than I care to count.


What is the temperature outside?: 15 °C.
What radio station do you listen to?: Not my thing.
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: Jacks.
What was the last thing you bought?: Bread.
What was the last thing on TV you watched?: Wowowee. XD
Who was the last person you took a picture of: The piglet.
Who was the last person you said I love you to (besides parents)?: Paulie.


Ever really cried your heart out?: Tons of times.
Ever cried yourself to sleep?: Yep.
Ever cried on your friend’s shoulder?: Several times.
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: Yes.
Do you cry when you get an injury?: Yes.
Do certain songs make you cry?: Yes. Obviously I'm a crybaby.


Are you a happy person?: I'd like to think so ☺
What is your current hair color?: Black. Dull.


What shirt are you wearing?: Knee-length hooded sweater.
Pants: Blue cotton miniskirt.
Shoes?: Barefooted.
Necklaces?: None.


Favorite eye color: Gray.
Short or long hair: Short.
Height: Taller. But Paulie's smaller >.<


Been to jail: Yep. I visited you there, remember? LOL
Mooned someone: Nothing to moon. Jeez.
Laughed so hard you cried: Lots of times.
Cried in school: Yes.
Wanted to be a model: Yes!
Done something really stupid that you still laugh at: TONS of.
Seen a dead body: Yes.
Been on drugs: Yes. Biogesic? Bleh.
Gone skinny dipping: I wish.


Pepsi or Coke: Coke. Pepsi -> Gay Coke.
McDonald’s or Burger King: Burger King.
Single or Group Dates: Single.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate, hands down.
Strawberries or Blueberries: Blueberries.
Meat or Veggies: Meat.
TV or Movie: Movie.
Guitar or Drums: Guitar.
Adidas or Nike: Neither.
Chinese or Mexican: Mexican.
Cheerios or Corn Flakes: Corn flakes baby.

Passing this on to anybody who's reading this. ;)

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

BIG Blogversary Contest

Yami's New Look!

Yami's site Pen, Paper, Pan got a redesign from me and Pehpot. I told you I am almost done with the whole Marce club. LOL. If this one looks familiar, it's because it was patterned from all of Peh's existing sites, with Peh providing the layout once again and me coding it. So visit and leave some love (click on the graphic above) if you have the time, and make marce Yami a happy mom!

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

BIG Blogversary Contest

Gain More Points!

Here are additional ways which will earn you points for our contest, hopefully taking you to that top spot that everybody here is vying for:









DO NOT leave your comments BELOW for your entries. They will NOT be counted if you post them here. Instead, leave your entries' URL to their respective rules pages. Click the banners above to get to those said pages. This is so that we can easily track the entries in an organized way (hey, don't look at me. I'm not the OC one here. LOL).

Have fun everyone! Contest runs from January 18 to February 28, 2010 so there's plenty of time to rack up those points!