Svet Wants To Write, Too!

The moment she learned to climb, the first "summit" she tried to conquer was my computer table. In fact, right now, she is standing in front of me as I type this, with me straining to see what I was typing and the keyboard in my lap. I allow her because otherwise, she would scream until she is on top of the table. Little brat. She knows I hate noise while working. She is sitting now, facing me, looking at me as if saying, "I need to take over this space fully, which means YOU GET OUT of your chair". *sigh*

We're also constantly battling on who should click the mouse, and even though I found a solution for this (albeit temporary) by giving her another mouse (an old one I don't use), she insists on using the one I AM using. It's the same situation with the keyboard. I have tried giving her the old one that I ceased to use a while ago because the keys are already hard to type on, but it seems like she wants everything that I use for work. When I try to tell her off her by saying firmly "No baby!", she would just utter the single sound "Ahhh..." (like she's scolding me), and I'm defeated. Enfant terrible.

I'm at serious loss here. She has lots of toys to play with, tons of snacks to eat, her dad to pester. But she insists to stay here on top of my table. ESPECIALLY WHILE I AM WORKING. When the computer is turned off, she doesn't go near it. Perhaps I should buy her her own? Hah. Wishful thinking. Toy computers will never work, with the way things look. *sigh*. Hmmm, she actually got off a minute ago. Darn it! I checked on her and she was tinkering with the cellphone, trying to dial numbers and putting it in her ears to hear if there's any sound coming off it. Auuugghhh.. Was I this frustrating when I was a toddler?! But who can stay angry with this mischievous face?

Death Note Is My New Religion

Death Note is what's been keeping me busy the past two weeks. Hubby already read the manga, and I have been dying to watch the series for like ever, so we finally got down to watching to whole thing. Now we're about to watch the movie, which will keep me busy for the next day again. Hehe.

I am starting to feel like this blog is useless. I mean, I am not helping anyone out with the things I am writing in here. I just post stuff about myself. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love to write what's happening in my life (and love to read what's happening in yours, too), but it seems I am having less and less time for this site. It makes me guilty as hell, considering this is the first blog that I ever had the patience to update regularly (okay, not-so-regularly) and this is where I made most of my friends.

I don't know how you people with multiple blogs deal with it. It is so hard for me to update the two that I have. So lately I'm thinking of totally ceasing to write in this blog and focusing on my other site instead. Although I don't honestly know how many people will follow me at WAHMaholic if I did, which what makes me think twice of doing it. Oh crap. What do I do.

Only Human

One mistake
And I’m jaded for life
Never given a chance
To hear out my side
Blind to what’s good
Always see what’s bad
Like a spot that stands out
In a sheet so white.
Is it so wrong to be wrong sometimes?
Is it such a sin to be careless for a while?
I’m sorry I’m not faultless
I’m sorry for being human
I’m sorry I’m not perfect like you
I’m sorry I never do anything good.
You make me regret I even lived
You make my life seem like a waste of time
What’s said can’t be taken back
What’s done is done
Got no voice, what’s the use of pretending
Can’t speak, can’t breath
Won’t speak, won’t breath now…

Oh wow. A week vacation from blogging here and I'm suddenly poetic. Is that a good sign?

I'm Rollin' Out

My new site design for WAHMaholic, that is. As in right now. As in I'm begging you to go there and check my new layee out. I'll be waiting for you there. *big grin plastered on my face that I can't wipe out*

Ethical Hacking. Whaa?!

When I first heard of the phrase Ethical Hacking, my eyebrows shot up like they want to get off my head. I honestly, honestly thought those hackers are supposed to be above-the-law people who, well..hack programs, take information without permission and destroy systems. Like modern day Robin Hoods or traditional politicians, depending on the means. I know there are some hackers who do their thing just to benefit themselves, but I know a lot of people who hack for the sake of others. So imagine my surprise (That is mild. Try shock.) when I read it is actually a way to tighten IT Security.

Say what?! I thought hackers are supposed to be attempting to break security thingamajigs. But no. Of course I was wrong (Why am I surprised.). There are even courses offered that allow you to become a Certified Ethical Hacker. Imagine! Being paid to become a goddamn hacker. How amazing can that be? And for a good cause, at that. Sheesh. If only I was gifted with enough brain power to understand those technical stuff. Y'all be looking at me like "Ooohh.. She is that super cool girl who knows her stuff." Unfortunately, I am not equipped with that. So goodbye dreams.

But just as I was losing hope of becoming an uber knowledgeable hacker, here comes EC-Council. They are offering classes on Security Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing (hmm..I like the sound of this. Haha!), Computer Forensics
, Disaster Recovery and Secure Programming. With their classes, you will learn how to become an ethical hacker by training you how to circumvent security attacks. Now all the technical stuff is making me dizzy right now (it usually does), but from what I understand, choosing this as a career avenue is a very promising field in terms of salary. A recent study showed that the pay for certified security professionals is one of the fastest-growing in IT.

There is even a FREE, One day, First LOOK! IT Security Event that many IT professionals have already joined in, which lets you take a peek on what the buzz is about before attending a class. And what they are actually offering is an online class which lets you pick out your own schedule. How much more convenient can you get? So, if you are not a complete moron like I am and have the basic skills enough to potentially become a good ethical hacker, use your knowledge. Enroll in an online class like the one EC-Council is offering. Help prevent hacking attempts on an organization by knowing how to take the "defense depth" approach, that is, attack the system like a real dirty hacker and therefore check security vulnerabilities, thus be able to design countermeasures for it.

Effing cool.



I have been sooo goshdarned (did I just say goshdarned?? Eew.) busy with work (took up most of my time, but it's paying off little by little) and overhauling the site design for WAHMaholic and making buttons for Claire (Wonder Wifey, Clarisse After Dark and Coffee, Anyone?) and watching movies with hubby (catching up with the good times. I mean he's been gone almost three months.), and just gaping and laughing at Svet's antics (she seems to learn something new everyday!). I have not rolled out the site design changes for WAHMaholic yet because I am still tweaking some things, but here's a quick peek into the work in progress:

I will post what I have done for Claire's buttons at WAHMaholic (that site needs some serious post update too) and will answer some of the requests for exchange links (sorry guys. This mom's been real busy lately). I'll maybe do my LinkReferral duties too, while I'm at it. Alexa stats are suffering big time. Ohhh.. I've so much to do! If there is something that I ought to do that you know about, please DO remind me. I'm such a scatterbrain I don't even remember what the hell I'm supposed to be doing for my blogs!

I promise I will also go and blog hop for a couple of hours and see what's been going on while I was absent (yet again!) from the blogging scene. I hope to find that everyone is in great shape! See you in your blogs! In fact, I think blog hopping will be first in my list today. So. See yah!