About The WAHM

I am  Karina. My friends call me Kaye (K). I am a work at home mom based in Bulacan, Philippines, with a loving partner named Paulie, and a darling daughter whose name is Svetlana.

I write here (sometimes) and on my main blog WAHMaholic, do WordPress support work on Upwork and design blogs on Squeesome Design Studio.

I might sound read like I'm a bitch, but I am really timid as a mouse in person. I write how I write because Jessica Zafra (unknowingly) taught me to write that way. If sarcasm and irony are not your strongest suits, then there's a big chance you won't get me. I am relatively easy to befriend, but when I hate someone, I abhor that person to bits. But I'm a woman, and I change my mind, so.

This blog is my outlet, the story of my life.

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