Two Awards! Yipee Yay!

Everyday is a pleasant experience here in the blogosphere. You find new friends, meet interesting personalities, see a lot of good blog designs, find inspiration in meaningful posts, waste your time on junk blogs, waste even more time on the really good ones, forget to do your dishes, or your laundry, or the fact that you have something cooking in the kitchen that needs a little human intervention. Yep. Fun as fun can get.

On with the two awards. One is from pehpot, who seems to be in a manic posting phase right now. It's called the Uber Amazing Blog Award. I love that word. Uber. I can say it all day. I'm even repeating it right now,as I type this post. Uber. Uber. Uber. Doubly love it now because I am labeled as an Uber Blog. It's like I'm Blog Superwoman or something. Just a little backgrounder:

Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:

~ inspire you

~ make you smile and laugh

~ or maybe give amazing information

~ a great read

~ has an amazing design

~ and any other reason you can think of that makes them uber amazing!

As with all awards, we have this little thing called rules, which we have to follow, albeit not always thoroughly in my case. It's fun to be somewhat of a deviant sometimes, being a friend of pehpot taught me that. Haha. The rules of this award are:

* Copy the badge and put the logo on your blog sidebar or post.

* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!

* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.

* Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.

* Come back and comment here so that your link could be added to the master list of awardees.

That's a first. A club for this blog award's recipients. Kewl. I have never been a member of a club outside school, as since graduation, I became a hermit who lives in the mountains and shudders at the sight of real LIVE people. I love this award. Thank you, my spiritual sister, for thinking that my blog is a great read. And I give amazing information, you say? Now THAT. That tells me you love me. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to say that. My blog is so full of junk it looks like the view outside the window (scene from Idiocracy, the movie) when Luke Wilson stared out of it from the "doctor's" office! Hee hee.

Of course I could not keep it for myself alone. The essence of all these awards is to pass it on to fellow bloggers who you think deserve them. I now pass this award on to these following people:

Blogs that inspire me:
Lannel of LittleLizWorld
Ayien of My Sweet Life, Naya
Polly of Angels in my Garden
Gin of E-Pamilya
Melanie of Life in Bellevue

Blogs that make me laugh:
Clarisse of Coffee, Anyone?
Bhoyet of Super Gulaman
Aria of Aria'z Ink
Flor of Filipina Writes
Sterndal of I Love Sterndal
Enday of Kwento ni Enday

Blogs that give amazing info and a great read:
Dominique of From Dominique's Des
Boris of Oh Wheezers
Cookie of Cookie's Corner
Manu of Your Almost Typical Pinoy Yuppie
Katrina of Ketchup Please?
Pin of Pin's Thoughts
Gelene of Honie's Confession

Blogs that have amazing designs:
Rose of PrettyMomDesigns
Juliana of Pinay WAHM
Procne of License to Trespass
Badet of Everything Nice!

The second award (the Friendship Award) came from expectant mommy Sara of the Breathing Post, the same author of The Mommy Experience. You guys should drop by sometimes. Can I use the word "exudes" here? Her blog exudes of heartwarming anecdotes of her journey to being a fulfilled mom, and that's not just lip service, dear Sara. Anyways, here's the mandatory thingamajig that explains what characteristics a blog must have to deserve this award:

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to those bloggers who must choose at least 5 more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Uh-hoh. I think I just included every active people on my list with the last award. So I think I'm just gonna give it again to you all on the previous list. There. Two awards for you to post, as well. You honestly think I would have let you people go with a single award? LOL. Anyways, have fun with these awards. I'll be busy staring at my monitor after this, figuring what the hell do I do next.


PinayWAHM said...

Hi Kaye...

Maraming salamat sa awards!


Boris said...

oh wow!!! thank you so much kaye! this means so much to me :) *friendly hug*

Polly said...

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! This is sweeeet of you. I am so glad you are my friend. I have been so behind on everything, but will try to do more posting. I love these awards.....makes me feel special and, heaven knows we all need to feel special once in a while, so THANKS, my Special One!

Unknown said...

Wow im really really flattered that my blog gives you inspiration !!! Thanks for the Uber Award girl !!!

~ "C" said...

Thank you, Kaye, for thinking of me. I'll do this soon!!!

Clarisse of Coffee, Anyone?

(I'm using my blogger user ID to be able to put a comment here) -- It's my new site. "Wonder Wifey" I hope this thing flies... wait, wonder woman doesn't fly.

Anyhoo....thanks so much for the award. I'll post it this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow I love your colors!!! I must say you truly deserve this award. Nice to meet you and you will now be added to the Uber Amazing Blogger's Club!



Prettymom said...

i tried ss before pero i stop na kasi ayaw ng payu ng mga banners eh.

kcatwoman said...

Hey thanks a lot for this. ang sarap naman makabasa ng ganito. thanks you oh so much!

Aria said...

Thanks Kaye! Now that my inter-rectal-cranium condition is cured (for now) I'll post my awards... Thanks for thinking of me!
Great day to you!

redamethyst said...

dameng awards ah. grand slam na ba? hehehe

zoan said...

marami talaga awards mo kaye.. ako mukhang isa lang. ehehe

Sherry Go Sharing said...

two awards double the fun!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

I love active people, now I see many active paricipants in your contest

Sherry Go Sharing said...

looks you like few buddies of bloggers friend :D

Sherry Go Sharing said...

its wonderful to have blog as you can do meme and grab awards

Sherry Go Sharing said...

maybe next award you can think of me :D

Genefaith said...

wow daming blogs na nakainspire sayo and makes you laugh...

Genefaith said...

wow as in uber ka talaga're right marce, blogging make us forget sometimes the laundry, dishes that are waiting..LOL! and inventing new menus in our kitchen....

Genefaith said...

curious ako sa mga blogs with nice designs..i'm sure if you say nice designs, you really mean it...

Genefaith said...

you deserve more and more awards pa marce..ikaw pa, this blog of your exudes beauty and intellect:)

Genefaith said...

this reminds me that dami pang awards na nakatambak pa sa draft ko...waaaaahhhhh..sori no time to post them pa...