Earn 20 Bucks in 3 Hours With IMRC

I found out about IM Report Card (IMRC) a couple of hours ago at myLot so I decided to sign up to test if it is true. After all, earning $20 for three hours of work is not that bad, right? So the basic premise is to review and grade the products, people and services listed on the site, and rate other people's comments in order to get paid. It is important to note that the site only lists Internet marketing-specific products and services and the people behind it. So if you're not into the whole earning online scheme of things, the site is not for you. On a second thought, I found several web hosting companies listed there that you can review, so you might just want to check the site out.

In order to get paid, you have to accumulate at least 2,000 points (equivalent to $20). So here is currently how you can earn points with IMRC:

Rate a review or other users' comments
---> 5 Credits

Grade a Product, Service or Person
---> 10 Credits

Add a comment about a product, service or person
---> 50 Credits + *Bonus*

Suggest a new product, service or person for review
---> 65 Credits

Report spam or other inappropriate content
---> 100 Credits

Refer another user to IM Report Card
---> Whatever THEY earn!

Looks good, yeah? So I have been working there for an hour an a half and have already accumulated 1,096 points. I stopped because I was tired. :lol: But I'll be resuming again in a little while. I just took time to post this down just in case somebody reading this is interested in earning on the side. You have to be reminded though: I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID. At least, not yet. But I'm already halfway there, so rest assured that if I DO get paid, you will be hearing reading about it from me. Screenshots, too, yes. There is another thing, though:

To cash out, at least 25% of your credits must be from new comments you and/or your referrals have posted.

If you want to test this new online earning scheme with me, please (and I do mean PLEASE!) click this link right here as it is my unique referral link. Tee hee. What do you say? Let's make money together? Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.


I tried logging in to the site and I cannot log in anymore! It seems that they have banned international users from using the site because of some people abusing the system. U.S. and Canada are still allowed, from what I've heard. This is so sad. Why do the rest of us who try to do good have to bear the consequences of people who get their whole region banned from a site because they don't care about a site's TOS and blatantly abuse it in the hopes of earning a quick buck? This is Ciao and Helium, all over again. Ai, por el amor de Dios, when will we learn to be unselfish? Or, more importantly, when will I learn to be unsurprised by all of this?


They are accepting members from the Philippines once more! Quick! Sign up before it closes again.


Oopps. Registrations from the Philippines are not allowed again. Hee hee. This is one roller coaster of a ride. Well, for the rest of the world (except for the Philippines, India, Lithuania, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Singapore), it's still okay to sign up and earn money through reviewing IM products. I'll keep you posted about site updates.


Toni Nakama said...

Hi Kaye, I will sign up here when I get time to participate. Thanks for dropping by at Lovely Moms Cafe. I will surely put a link to your blog site in one of my upcoming articles. See yah!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Stopping by from sits. Thanks for linking such an easy way to earn a little extra money.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link.
I love your blog and I found you through A.Marie. I'll be back by later to see if you really earned the $ in 3 hours. Good luck.

toscaxix said...

hi kAyE, i'll try this one out :D thanks for sharing

mye said...

hi kaye...balitaan mo ako girl ha :)

Aubrey said...

Wow! Pretty interesting! You'll have to let us know when you hit 2000!

Coming by from SITS! WELCOME!

fedhz said...

Wow. haven't tried yet. But I will have to cuz I quit my other part time job. quit nga ba? ahehe. ^^

Ms Cupcake said...

Your blog is so cute!

I am having fun rolling my cursor over your navigation bar. Those little characters are adorable. Would you mind sharing the designer's name? I would love to have something like that with peek-a-boo cupcakes on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a Happy Thursday.

Ms Cupcake

Unknown said...

Hi Kaye,

tagal ko ng hindi nakadalaw dito ah....musta na ? see you around!

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Ah, I can't sign up! Am in Namibia (southern-west Africa),.. so dang!

Stopping by from SITs!

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment. It is done,... I am following you now! Love your site's layout, it is adorable.

You really earning money online? Hm,,.. that must take some dedication.

pehpot said...

hay naku lukaret talaga ang mga hinayupak na amoy dilaw na manok..letse..panira talaga sa integridad ng asya.. ay meron ba bwahaha

redamethyst said...

huhuhu. isa ako sa hindi umabot dito. member na ako dati dito eh, tapos nagiba ng systema tapos ayan di ko na nahabol ulit.

niko said...

waheheheheh eh anu kng di pede from philippines? its their lost noh??

niko said...

pero kung kikita rin ako ng $20 for 3 hrs. o sige na IMRC alipinin mo na ko.. yurakan mo na ko lol

niko said...

i beg for your love IMRC pero nagising na ko. tse lol hahahhaha

bitter bitteran pa rin! lol