Update on My Online Earning Sources

I've gotten a few requests to discuss how I make money online. It's been a while since I actually discussed said topic, considering how this blog is supposed to also discuss my work as per the header description. Haha. I will accompany the sideline description with screenshots of earnings on the respective sites, mainly for the skeptical. Warning: I will insert referral links below every chance I get so if you're not into earning money online, skip! Okay, so where do we start? As some of you may know, my main source of income right now is mTurk, which I get around $250-$350 a month from. I mainly do the Askville and the Ask A Question HITs because those are easy to do and give me large bonuses. I also get occasional paid-to-post opportunities there, as well as the requests to bookmark blogs to social networking sites (which takes me two seconds to do each HIT so I do them when they are available). Below is a screen taken from my mTurk dashboard:

I tweeted here a while ago that I got my myLot, Ciao and SocialSpark payments, so we will also discuss them here one by one. myLot, as some of you may know, pays you to participate in all sorts of discussions (family, relationships, other online-earning opportunities, music, etc). I've been a member for almost a year, but I've been on and off (mostly off) when another opportunity captures my interest. Haha. If you're good in discussions and you don't mind making a bit of extra money while having fun, then myLot can earn you around $20 a month. Proof of payments below. For the curious, the $10 I paid to the site is to fund my tasks (stuff that I request other myLotters to do for me in exchange of a payment.)

Ciao (the paid-to-review site), as you might all know, have blanket-banned the Philippines from using their site, and the reason why I still got a payment from them was that I requested to withdraw my leftover balance a couple of months ago. I only got three payments from Ciao, back then I was not into this whole review a product thing. Payment proof below:

Hmmm..Post is kinda long now. Be back later with a part two. And I haven't eaten lunch. So. Later!


genejosh said...

thanks for sharing Kaye...Maybe i could try some of the sites u mentioned someday..I love your work too on Denise site...Have a nice weekend!

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nadine said...

whoa this is great. thanks for the info ate! ako may myLot kaso tamad. tsktsk. I'll try some of the others. Dami mo na naeearn O_O

bonz said...

thanks for the post!

will be trying those sites you've given in a while.

have a nice day!

redamethyst said...

dameng earnings, nainspire na naman ako. tagal ko na ring walang kita online eh.

zoan said...

anong mturk? pwde pa kaya mg register?o banned din ang from the phils?

Sherry Go Sharing said...

about mylot I don't know how to earn money from there.