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Theme parks and state fairs are a fun way to keep your whole family entertained. Whether you like roller coasters for the thrill seekers in your family or water parks to beat the summer heat, theme parks usually give great deals to groups of people to get more customers coming through their gates. Check out this list of amusement parks and zoos in New York. Call ahead to the parks before you plan your trips to find out what deals are being offered.

Heading to a beach is also another great way to spend time with your family outside and enjoying the summer heat. Heading to the lakes in the Catskills is a way to enjoy swimming and boating. Heading down to Long Island to experience the beaches and the ocean is another wonderful way to get outside and bond with your family. There are many kid friendly beaches that offer more than just sand and water to keep them occupied.

Taking your family to the wilderness of the Catskills or the ocean view of Long Island, there are many ways to spend time with your family to finish out your summer.

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riablahgs said...

I will definitely check those places on our next trip to NYC :)

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