Svet's Friends, The Sqwishies

One of Svet's favorite things to play lately are the Sqwishies we received last year. I'm still in the process of finding all of them, as in the past months, she and her cousin Elijah did not seem to like playing with them as much as they do now. I am looking at every nook and cranny whenever I can to find Svet's little friends, and when I do find one she adds it to a small bag where she keeps all the others we've already found.

Svet's little army of animal friends
Every morning, she wakes up and looks for her small bag containing the Sqwishies, which is more often than not found beside her. Yes, she sleeps beside them now. Jessie the cowgirl, which used to be her favorite bedtime friend, now lays unloved in the cabinet. LOL. Svet would lovingly take out the Sqwishies one by one in her small table, line them up like in the picture, and just stare at them for as long as the attention-span of a three-year old would allow her.

For the rest of the day we would play "Identify the Sqwishy" from time to time, or she would make them talk to each other in her high, little girly voice. This is one of those times when I wish she had a baby brother or sister. LOL. I wish I could find all those lost Sqwishies soon, so our little boss would have more playmates to play with.

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PinayWAHM said...

What cute little 'creatures' you have there Mommy K! Hahaha....sunda na kasi si Svet para may kalarong tunay. Kung pwede lang sinundan ko din tong amin kaso GURANG na ko...hahaha...

Howdy Mommy K? It's been a while. Actually I've been here a few times but when I tried to leave comments eh binubwisit ako ng blogger so I would leave na lang w/out commenting....

I hope you're all doing well..

Mommy J