Award Time Again!

I think it's about time I post this award given to me by bhoyet, who I know gave me this out of lack of choice. Haha! Anyways, thanks for giving this award to me (even though you damn well know that I AM NOT CUTE. Cute is for puppies. I am GORGEOUS. Or at least, that's what hubby tells me. Sweet liar.) But Roger, you gave me another reason to reflect on why I do not have at least ten friends to give this to. So I hate you for that. Next time give me an award that I can keep to myself. And yes, I am a demanding little bitch.

The rules to be followed by lucky/unlucky recipients of this award (like me) are as follows:

1. Each blogger must post these rules.

2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.

3. Bloggers that are tagged, need to write ten facts about themselves. You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.

Okay, since I already posted the rules, I must state ten random facts about me. Do I really need to bore you with this stuff? Well, rules are rules. Unless I have to break them. And anyway, I WANT to annoy you by revealing stuff about me. So brace yourself.

1. I'll begin with what is already written in my blog header (so as to bore you to the maximum extent). I do not stick to one blog design, as I am constantly finding newer designs that I think will make my blog a better place to visit. My posts are blah so I'll need all the visual backup I can get my hands on.

2. I am a moron magnet. Getting accosted by morons on a daily basis has been my way of life. Lately, I think I have been attracting jerks too. I am guessing I emit this aura which makes them come to me like flies on shit.

3. I cannot speak English as well as I write it. I think I have been writing for far too long which resulted to my lack of practice in that area. My speech is normally interjected with umm..., ermm..., errr..., and other such wonderful sounds that are made to fill up vast empty spaces of not knowing what to say.

4.I used to be a proofreader, so I am usually keen about details. Grammatical errors and anything out of place is unacceptable for me, but I make typos and make grammarians groan more than the average person. Which explains why I gave up being a proofreader. Now, I just pretend to be one.

5. I hate spiders. The best way to get into my nerves is to surprise me with one. There are only two consequences for those who are brave/stupid enough to do that: their ears are assailed by my imitation of a crying banshee or they are physically abused by me (after they disposed of the spider a mile away).

6. I have a metabolism rate to die for. I can be an absolute pig and not gain enough weight to be noticed by anyone. Which is why the wealth of articles coming out this time of the year about dieting is trash to me.

7. The book I am reading right now is "The Devil Wears Prada". I have started reading it two weeks back and there is no hope in sight for me to ever reach the last page of that book. I am a fast reader, don't get me wrong. It's just that nowadays, time and I are not very good friends.

8. I am stupid at mathematics. The mere mention of it make me sick, and childhood dreams of solving the hardest mathematical equation ever has long vanished into thin air. I don't even know if there is such a thing as the hardest mathematical equation. For me, they're all frigging hard.

9. I am on the verge of breakdown because of my bank. So please expect me to go mental in about a week time. If you are a friend, do not dare report me to the authorities about possible bank bombings happening in our area.

10. I already ran out of things to write about myself. So you fill in the blank. But I'm not that hard to figure out. Mental is my middle name. You can start from there.

Since it is imperative that this award is passed to ten other people, I am now giving it to J.D., melanie, aria,sterndal, emerald, pey, allysa, lizzie, claire, and may. What do you know. I've completed all ten! Haha! But some of you in the list got two in a row from me. I just love you so much. Hee hee. Oh well, you guys deserve this award, so have fun with it! :)


maplekisses said...

So your middle name is Mental huh? I think that's an intellectual name :) Ey! Thanks for award... uhmmm so I'm cute now.. with this "whaley" body, why do I doubt that? Hahaha! Thanks for the award. Let me see if I can find ten cuties as well. Keep posting!

pehpot said...

at talagang may violent reaction ako! baket hindi ako kasama aber?

Aria said...

1. Changing blog designs often and doing it well (as you do!) is a great way to keep readers interested, don't stop doing that until you find something you LOVE and can't do without.
2. Moron Magnets as well as jerk magnets make fantastic cashiers, you may have found a great sideline for yourself.
3. Umm, ermm, err, just makes your English on perfect par with native American teens! Good job!
4.LOL @ proofreader, I never got paid for it, ok, in cash, but it was the only reason I was any kind of popular in HS...
5. I hate em too... try waking up as a teenager to find mama-spidey's nest hatched, and your entire room including you are covered in itty-bitty baby spiders. Hate those F***ing things!
6. I hate you. LOL Ok, not YOU, just your metabolism.
7. LOL Time and I are not very good friends!!! Time and I are long standing enemies of nuclear proportions.
8. HA! Something to make up for that metabolism!
9. Don't go mental, go get a gun and go postal, it's more likely to get you on the evening news.
10. Mental, huh? Mine is Psychotic-Madwoman... Nice to meet'cha!

And lastly, besides this post being so great that I had to answer every single item in your list, THANK YOU for my second award (from you!) it's an honor. And don't knock your writing too much, your blog is good and visually interesting and I enjoy visiting... I'm only waiting for you to post a little more so I can add you to my blog-roll, which YES, I am... You can even go mental, it'll make the posts more interesting coming from a locked-up crazy person! LOLOLOL!!!

Ciao for Now, Kaye!
And thanks again!

Unknown said...

Hi Kaye,
Thanks for the award ! You are funny, and I guess mental ! hahaha, how I wish I could meet you in person, Im sure I would truly enjoy your company. but could not guarantee if you would enjoy mine.


niko said...

baket nakalimutan kong magdala ng spider nung binyag ni sati??!!! now i know wat to surprise you on ur birthday!!! bwhahahaaha

redamethyst said...

It's nice getting to know you. dame kong nalaman, at alam ko marami pa akong malalaman. well, if you need math, I'm here. hehehe. at pareho tayo ng paniniwala noon, ang cute eh para sa puppy.

niko said...

eh parang gusto kong basahin yang the devil wears prada.. san ka nag download?? ay ebook ba yan??

niko said...

in fairness nga ilang blog layout ka na nga ba dito?? at paganda naman ng paganda.. or pabongga ng pabongga noh!

niko said...

natawa ako sa moron magnet.. yan ba ung nkkta sa pinto ng ref.. er pridgider??? lol hahha

niko said...

umm..., ermm..., errr..., natatawa ako.. di ka naman ganyan magsalita.. taglish ka diba??? :)

niko said...

lam ko sekreto kung baket di ka tumataba..bukod pa sa mabilis na metabolism mo !!! hahahahah. sasabihin ko pa ba>?? lol

niko said...

i dont like math too!! pramis. kinuha ko lng ang accountancy kc un ang may scholarship grant :D as in no choice.. hahaha

niko said...

kala ko sarcastic is ur middle name.. mental pala. eh sori nmn lol hahahaha

niko said...

sana magkakilala na tau noon para napasa mo saken to.. hihih

zoan said...

@niko:accountancy din ako :d but i love math.. ahahah

Sherry Go Sharing said...

I don't like spiders, some tourists here more scare as think its black widow. its not that type.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

my english is not very good I know grammar mistake often.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

I am poor in math like you, I am even worst in accounts.

kamz said...

i dunno if i received this blog award na.. parang di pa ata. *hint!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

I will be happy to win a blog makeover :)

well chances is slim as I not get many referral at the money but at least having one for good start :D

Sherry Go Sharing said...

I like to see you change blog design from time to time :D as for me I keep blog design long time as lazy to make any changes of it.