If I Were Pehpot

Call this a tradition if you must, because if someone dear to our hearts is celebrating her birthday, it is mandatory that we make a banner and think of something sweet to surprise that lovely person with. Today we celebrate a very exceptional person's birthday (naks! full of adjectives! pagbigyan. borkdey naman. niahaha!). Who else? The wonder mom of all moms, the mother of all ideas, the OC queen of all, the Squidward Tentacles of blogosphere - PILIPINAS a.k.a. Pehpot PINEDA.

And because she's special (child. bwahaha!) like that, here's an extra special tag made uniquely for her. This tag asks us what would we do or say if we were Pehpot. So I tried thinking like Pehpot and almost got my head busted. Haha! Let the laugh exercise and the drama begin:

Q: How will you raise your kids?
A: I will let them roam on the streets while I blog away. LOL. Seriously? I will let them see how strong their mommy is even though deep inside, I am deathly afraid. That way they will have someone to run to when they need to cry, or feel hurt or just about anything they want to share to mommy. Through that, I know I will raise emotionally strong kids, kids with strong personalities.

Q: What would you say to Cata?
A: Maghugas ka muna kaya ng paa bago matulog no? Kakalaba lang ng bedsheet e. Isupot ko kaya uli yang paa mo? (Try washing your feet before going to bed, will you? I just changed the sheets. Do you want me to put plastic on your feet again?)

Q: What would you say to people who have something not-so-nice to say about your kids?
A: Hoy kaya mo bang magpalaki ng apat na anak habang may walong blogs at looking pretty pa rin? Sige nga. Hindi kagwapuhan/kagandahan yang anak/mga anak mo no. Wag kang magmalaki. (maldita?? LOL). Anu ba yun. Wala ng translation. Go figure. Wahaha!

Q: How would you arrange your cabinet?
A: By color, alphabetically, by height, by width/girth. By expiration date sa kitchen cabinet, by date of purchase sa clothes cabinet. Di ko keri. Waaahhh!!!

Q: What would "messy" mean to you?
A: A speck of dust on top of anything inside the house, an unsorted Mega Blok. Anything that looks like K's house. LOL.

Q: Would you add another blog to your 8 blogs?
A: Of course! Give me eight more and I'll have them all at PR 3 in no time.

Q: What color of underwear would you wear on valentines?
A: #000000. Bwahahaha! Adikan to!

Q: What would you wear on JJ night?
A: Wala hindi ko na kailangan magpasexy. Sa mata ni Cata ako ang dyosa ng kaseksihan. (I don't need sexy clothes. In Cata's eyes, I'm the goddess of sexiness).

Q: What would you do with five million pesos?
A: Buy more domains, Mega Bloks, Sati's clothes, accessories for my DSLR. Hmmm.. The rest I will put on my PayPal account. LOL.

Q: What is one thing that you wish to have?
A: A shiny new MacBook to call my very own.

Hey Peh. We don't need to tell you that we love you (okay, maybe I just did) because you already know that right? So, ito na lang: I don't regret the day I messaged you on Multiply to thank you for being my referral at myLot because that was the day the gods conspired to make us friends (and eventually, magkumare). May we have many more years of kalokahan and friendship to come. At sana makatikim ako ng handa mo. Wahahaha! ADIK! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCE!! Mwah!

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Genefaith said...

di pa napublish sa akin one hour late kami..he..he...ang galing ng sagot mo marce, you really think like Pehpot...di yata papasa yong sa akin...I just can't bring out pehpot's persona in me..LOL!

pehpot said...

waaah di ko binasa haha.. ayaw ko maiyak haha

Yami said...

So black pala ang code na ito #000000 hehe.

Nice take marce, kilalang-kilala mo talaga si Peh. :)

fedhz said...

bwahaha. yaw ko nga basahin eh baka kopyahin ko lang. LOL. wakokok. wow kunware surprised si peh. hehe

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

wow this is so fun and sweet gesture =) happy birthday to Ms. Pehpot.. nai-greet ko na sya =)

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Kaye- you have won the monthly ad at myqualityday.blogspot.com . Congrats!

Chris said...

happy kaya ang marce natin sa "if i were pehpot" pakulo?

pehpot said...

fedhz, suyrprised talaga ako haha.. kase ung nabasa ko kay Beng nung mag ka chat tayo, greetings lang haha.. hindi tag LOL

so talagang #000000 no..wahaha

dyosang dyosa talaga.. maya maya jj na wahaha

o eto ng resbak ko
sa kalokohang itich haha

kamz said...

ang sweet naman! i had a blast reading this post... nag In Her Shoes ka nga talaga kaye... seryosong prang si peh tong binabasa ko. LOL!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow MacBook is nice, its expensive here over $7,000.

redamethyst said...

very nice, talagang mukhang kuwang kuwa mo si pehpot. kaya pati sa contest tag team kayo. heheh
iba talaga ang mga aquarian, sexy at maganda. hahaha

Sherry Go Sharing said...

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