Your Contest Questions Answered

This article is in response to the questions posted in my comment section regarding our blogversary contest. Some points for clarification were raised, so I'll try my best to answer them below:

Regarding contest points UPDATE:
I'm in the process of tallying the points that contestants have racked up so far, so please wait for that post on Monday. It's kind of a pain in the ass to double check email subscriptions. LOL. Excited? Me too!

Regarding referrals:
We will award incentives for referrals by contest end, so that we could count the TOTAL number of valid referrals. VALID means they have also joined the contest by doing the required mechanics (blog about the contest and review the four major sponsors). The Top Referrer should HAVE more than TEN people referred.

Regarding the commenting of your entries' URLs:
You need not comment on both Pehpot and I's blogs for your entries. We check each other's blogs on a weekly basis to include every URL commented on the contest pages, so even if you commented on just my site (or Pehpot's), they will still be counted. PROVIDED that you commented on the correct contest page. We have mentioned many times that any stray URLs will NOT be counted.

Regarding reviewing your own blog if you're a sponsor:
You NEED NOT review your own blogs if you're one of the sponsors. So, for instance, you have five blogs entered as sponsors, that's minus five blogs for you to review. You can just compensate on commenting on our blogs and the major and level 2 sponsors' blogs for the points.

Regarding comments on sponsors' blogs:
I will help the major and second level sponsors in installing a Top Commentator's Widget a week before the contest ends (or personally install it, if need be). So any contest points update WILL not include points from comments YET. I will only include it on the final tallying of points. Of course, as early as the start of the contest, those comments are already being tracked.

Regarding what comments will be counted:
ONLY comments starting Jan. 18th (contest start) will be counted. But that is still subject to debate between Pehpot and I. Don't worry, we'll update you on what we decide on next week. As for you, what do you think? Should we include ALL comments? Or just those from Jan. 18th? WE want YOUR input!

Regarding maximum number of reviews per day:
There is NO maximum reviews that can be posted per day! As long as your sanity can take it, then go ahead and post as many reviews as you can!

I hope I have answered all your queries in this post, but if not, the comment section is always open, so feel free to ask. I promise I'll find time to answer them. Pehpot and I are constantly thinking of ways to reward contestants, so please keep your eyes peeled for updates as you may be our next award/cash prize recipient (I promise not to bitch in future updates. Hahahaha)!

Now, what is the best way to gain points after completing the requirements? Some go for reviewing ALL the sponsor's blogs (there are QUITE A LOT of them, so I salute your perseverance if you can do that! And maybe a little something for people who can do that? Yay! I thought of it just now. Me and Peh will have to talk about it, decide what to give to you. *wink* At the very least you won't have to worry about filler posts for the duration of the contest. LOL.), others target the comment section and flood us with comment love. It's up to you, really. Whichever floats your boat. You do the math. I'm really bad at it. LOL.

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

BIG Blogversary Contest


moonstar said...

Thank you for the information Ms. K. This post really help.

Leilanie said...

Thanks for answering my question about commenting on sponsors blogs. I'm gonna try and review all sponsors! I think I can do it! :]

Leilanie said...

Oh, and I thought the contest started Jan 18th? So shouldn't the comments be counted since Jan 18th instead of Feb 1st?

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

@ms. marie: my bad! january 18th! what was i thinking? sorry! edited na ;)

Tetcha said...

Your blogversary contest is getting pretty exciting. With so many questions asked, that only means many have joined/are joining the contest. That means I should work harder. Waah!

niko said...

oh my heto na sagot sa mga tanongs sa utakers ko :D

thanks a lots! mwah

redamethyst said...

thanks for answering my question regarding referrals. hahah. as if may referral na ako.
regarding naman sa comments nagisip talaga ako ng maisusuggest.

* un teaser about blog comments was posted january 13. tingin ko dapat counted na yun, kasi if vs sa reviews, un mga reviews na ginawa na agad bago ang january 18, counted na sya di ba? as long as ma post ang link sa tamang contest page. (correct me if I'm wrong)

* sa comments, kung from jan 18 lang ang i-count, medyo lugi yung mga oldies na lagi ng nagcomment sa entries nyo vs sa mga newbies na magcomment palang sa old entries nyo.

ano ba. hehe naexpress ko ba un gusto kong sabihin. bahala ka na. hehehe

kamz said...

i think mas okay kung count nyo na lang lahat ng comments.. may point si redamethyst.. hehe! i mean, if your contest started jan. 18th, then comments made from january 18th 2010 onwards should be counted.. para fair to everyone.

and thanks for answering our queries.

may isa pa akong query: wala bang cut-off as to how many reviews participants in your contest can publish per day? like maximum of 5 or 6 entries per day lang? just like when you write for paid opps, di ba may maximum number of posts in a day? or can we just publish as much as we want per day? sana ma-clarify... thanks!

Genefaith said...

loud and clear marce....very clarified na ako... so I just need to paste the URLs here na lang...

need to read and reread again your contest mechanics...ngayon ko lang nalaman that there's points also if we comment to level 2 sponsors....

kamz said...

salamat sa pagdagdag sa sagot sa tanong ko marce! clear na clear na! hehehe! naku, kelangan may sked na ako to write reviews.. ang maliit ko kasi, ayaw ako paupuin.. gusto laro kami palage. :(

Sherry Go Sharing said...

glad to read this it is very useful for me to earn points.

redamethyst said...

updated na pala ito. buti lagi ko naisisingit sa work ang review. hehehe.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

so nice of you to help install the codes for sponsor 2 level. :)

Sam said...

i haven't done any of the level 2 sponsor reviews YET. work is taking up a lot of my time. LOL. sabi na nga ba sagabal ang trabaho eh. haha! but i will try to squeeze in a some every chance i get.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

@sam you still have time to do that as contest going to extend