Spring Cleaning

It's not spring, but we're cleaning anyways. Why? My mom is coming in a few days! She's really particular about cleanliness, and more often than not, the house condition as she left it is considerably worse when she gets home. No matter how hard and long we clean the house prior to her expected arrival, she still finds something to fret about. This time I just know it would be the state of the "royal garden", as we fondly call our house front where we have lots of plants. I don't think the power of all the Mountfield mowers in the world can immediately fix the garden before mom comes home. I tell you, the overgrowth will seriously send Mountfield lawnmowers in hiding for fear of breakdown because of the cleaning that the garden needs.

It is worse now that Paulie is not here. He is the only one in the house who is patient enough to trim the plants once in a while to make the house look like it has been daily taken care of with Mountfield petrol lawnmowers, and now that he's went ahead to Bulacan with Svet, neither me nor my sister dare touch the plants. Besides having zero knowledge in taking care of plants (you should see the tomatoes, they are literally drooping), we are afraid some insect or another will come crawling up our legs or arms (or worse, our faces) while working outside. We are so dead when mom comes. She will throw a fit, I'm positive of that. And yet we cannot do anything about it. Save for calling someone who knows his Mountfield. Question is, where will we find that person. Hmmm..


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Laarni Lopez said...

hehehehe! sorry can't lend a hand in that field as well.. :)
btw, i grabbed your badge, you may grab mine too! :)