Anyone Excited For Eclipse?

Well I am. I never thought I'd get this vampire fever, because in the start I think I cannot simply like vampire love stories. But I have to give it to Meyer. She is a great writer, to say at the very least. You wanna know how good she writes? So much so that I already think Robert Pattinson is kind of cute. I really, really thought the first time I laid my eyes on him in the movie that they could have casted a more gorgeous male specie. But after reading the saga and imagining him while I'm reading, I am swayed by Meyer's description of Edward's character in the book. Not exactly swooning over Pattinson yet, I'm far from being his biggest fan, but he plays the role well, and he has already owned it.

I have read the four books during my vacation (yes, I can't believe I just did it, and I think I am the last one of my book lover friends to read), and I'm already looking forward to the third installation of the movie (which shows tomorrow here in our country). I've been hounding for a torrent to download, but so far I come up empty. I cannot watch it in the movie house, for one because I don't have anyone to watch it with (sucks to live in Baguio during these times. I hate you Peh and Fedhz) and I don't want to leave Svet (I doubt if she can sit through the entire movie so there's no question about not bringing her).


Tetcha said...

Hubby and I are so looking forward to it!

kyooty said...

Haven't ready any of the books.

Anonymous said...

Hi K.M.. still cant over Eclipse fever last nyt... we enjoyed it a lot.. Bella is so damn lucky to have two cute guys LOLZ -kathykatz =)

Mommy Jes said...

hi been looking for your GT entry..d ko makita...eehhehe

nweis y not watch ECLIPSE? gosh! ganda ganda! ahahha just watched it last nyt...nanghatak lang dn ako kasama coz husband is not here so wala ako kasama....=) nag aya ako isang classmate ahah akaya naka nood ako =)

Tina said...

Did you see it yet? I loved it. I was never into vampire stories myself, but I was hooked from the first page of Twilight, after finally giving in and reading it at the urging of my Twi-Hard friends. I've read all the books and seen all the flicks, and anxiously awaiting Breaking Dawn!

riablahgs said...

Hay, I have never seen any of the Twilight saga kaya I cannot relate...hehehehe.

Ria C

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