Fedhz' Polvoron

This is the second time that my marce Fedhz gave in to my whims and sent me a batch of her delicious polvoron that's already well-known in and around the blogosphere. The first time Paulie and Svet didn't even give me a chance to take a picture. I looked away for a second and it was gone. Yep. That's how we crave for Fedhz' polvoron. And that says a lot about how good it tastes. I wonder what's her secret? I guess it's because it's made with love. Naks. What. You don't believe me? Read the story behind this famous polvoron HERE ON HER BLOG.

Heaven in small plastics

 Om nom nom nom!

 One more Tita Fedhz!

Isn't it obvious that they liked it so much? You know what that means Fedhz. We want another batch! LOL! And no, this is not a paid post :P


fedhz said...

paid ito kase gagawan kita ng next batch hehehe. tapos sa susunod sa noobfoodie naman ang link.

nuts said...

isa pa daw Tita Fedhz.. ako din, isa pa, isa pa.. :) cute ng mga babies, mana sa mommy si Elijah ang cute, sarap ng kain ng polvoron..