It's Silent In Here

I haven't blogged in here for more than two months. *sigh* My time is becoming more and more occupied by blog theme designs and writing on my blogs has taken a back seat. Which is sad, since I love writing. When I'm not writing I feel like I can live without it. But when I am typing away my thoughts on any of my blogs, I feel as if I can't stop, like I just want to write all day long. Weird. Well, that's me. I don't have any definite plans for this blog, but one very desirable avenue is to transfer all my content here to a .com domain. At least I will feel obliged to write here by then, since I will be thinking about domain fees and stuff. LOL.

I don't know yet. Let's see what happens. Life's too hectic at the moment to think about a lot of things besides the really essential ones. But hey, I'm still around. I still have my other blogs which I write on semi-continuously. And I truly appreciate those who still read them and this blog even if my heart's not 100% into writing anymore. Well, see you around my dearies.


kimmy said...

i really wish you luck, girl!

Cherbydarl Jimenez said...

Hi! Kaye,

Im happy to find you in Hope we can be friends. I too, am a full time homemaker and just starting out in earning online.
Hope you follow me as I look for moms like us build a community..