Birthday Blues

Uh yeah. The first three weeks of July I'm usually depressed. I can't remember when it started, I just feel down when my birthday's about to come. I know some people get the birthday blues, too. The later you get in life, the worse it becomes. And I understand why. I feel I should have done/accomplished more during the last year, and how another year was just wasted on me.

Looking at my daughter, though, and how she has grown up the past three years, erases some of the depression away. She wouldn't have grown up that fast without me doing anything, right? I should have been doing something all these years, because I have her as a delightful evidence.

But still. I can't fully shake this feeling off.



yen said...

i think the very reason for these bday blues you're discussing is that people are afraid of adding years in their life which means they're aged.but really why?kasi natural sa tao ang pagiging banidosa.ayaw nila pumanget.tingin nila pag tumatanda pumapanget. me ganun?anyway,i like your articles here..keep up your good works

OSeƱorita said...

You're not the only one who feels that so called birthday blues. I do feel that weeks before my birthday and even after. Because it made me think of things like, what I have accomplished in my life and yes, adding another number to my age. I worry things like getting wrinkles and all. LOL!!!