My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

This is the first I am joining this writing project spearheaded by Janette Toral. Last year I started to become friends with a lot of mommy/women bloggers, and have come to know them through their blogs. There are a lot who deserve to be in this list, but unfortunately, I can only choose ten. But who I chose to nominate below are the best of the best, and their blogs have helped me a lot in the respective niches that they chose to write in. So who are my top ten? Here they are, in no particular order:

The one type of blog that I like to visit often is a food blog. Most blogs I visited frequently before were owned by foreign bloggers, and while their recipes and food features look heavenly, I am looking for familiar food. So I'm glad Ken and Mhel decided to start this particular food blog, because now I can finally relate to the food entries! Restaurants and menu items that they suggest are always on top of my list when me and the fam want to eat outside. Always engaging and with a touch of humor, Certified Foodies is my go-to food blog.

I am a work at home mom like the author of this blog. I feel her predicament when it comes to looking good everyday while working in front of the computer from home, taking care of kid/s and keeping the house. This blog not only taught me about lipsticks per se, but also inspired yours truly to spend more "ME time". After all, the author (supermom of the blogniverse) has four kids (I only have one) and tons of blogs maintained (I only have four), and if she can do it, then I believe I can do it as well!

 I came to know of her blog in a contest she participated in. I supported her throughout, initially because I like how she writes. In the process, got to know the single mom behind the blog. She is influential for me because I see in her the strength that all moms should have, and I admire her passion for motherhood. To think that she is doing this all by herself is much more admirable. Her blog is chock-full of information about parenting and life in general which I all find worth taking into heart.

 There is none in my list that I admire more than the mom behind this blog. Mom Writes is some sort of a gratitude journal. The blog posts that she publishes in here are inspirational by their very nature, but knowing some of the life story of the author makes me appreciate the blog more. Here she shows that life is indeed more beautiful if you count your blessings, yes, even the smallest ones.

 The author is one of my blogging idols since I discovered her blog. She publishes relevant, funny, informative and endearing blog posts in all of her sites. I knew what to expect from LEVYousa when the author first announced that her new blog is finally live. The top-notch quality of posts shows the passion of the author in blogging, and her dedication to living life at its fullest shows through each and every article she publishes.

 It is rare that a personal blog could actually teach me so much about household management. The author of Notepad Corner taught me that and so much more through her posts. I highly recommend her blog not because I ├╝ber like the woman behind it, but because just by browsing her site, you too could benefit a lot from her articles about life experiences, challenges, travel, parenting, food, home, housekeeping tips, interests, work, business, etc.

I write blog tutorials as well, but it doesn't mean I already know everything there is to know about blog tweaking. The Bloggers Journal is one of my favorite sources of information when it comes to the subject. I know how hard it is to come up with a tutorial and I admire the author's passion for teaching bloggers the basics (and even advanced topics) that they need to know to make their blogging life easier and better.

Mommyhood isn't exactly a walk in the park, and I'm always glad to find a blog which shares my sentiments. Mommy Survival as a parenting blog stands out from the crowd for me because it dishes out the hard core facts of parenthood and holds your hand throughout the journey with all the great advices and tips for moms and dads out there. Only the tough ones don't go crazy, the blog tagline says. Could it be any truer?

Yet another parenting blog, but not just another one of those run-of-the-mill sites which gives parent advices based on nothing. Stemming from the personal experiences of a mom to two toddlers, I was able to relate to her because we are in the same boat. Homeschooling, just one of many topics of the blogs that I am drawn to, proves very useful to me since I am planning to homeschool my toddler as well.

I developed a keen appreciation for nature and its preservation when we moved here to Baguio. And it's also the time I became attracted to eco-blogs like My Green Living Ideas (MGLI). What makes MGLI influential for me is that it features tips that are easy and feasible to follow. And someday, I wish to follow in the author's footsteps and maintain an eco-blog of my own. I want to be an Eco-Mom!

So there you go. My top ten. This writing project will not be possible without these generous sponsors:

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The Pepperrific Life said...

Hi Kaye! Thanks for the nice things you said about my blog :) mwah!

Mommy Levy said...

A very nice post!!! I love it :) sarap basahin :)
thank you for nominating LEVYousa...

Joy said...

Hello Kaye! Beautifully presented, I love the way you described Notepad Corner, overwhelming *blushing* Merci!

Willa said...

wow! Thanks for the neat description and another + for the screenshot effort.:)
Good luck to all mommies!!!

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Good luck to everyone! :) Finally done with my post as well.. :)

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Sis Kayeeee!! I love your writeups!! And thank you! We're honored to be part of your list.

Good luck to all of your nominees! :)


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i am also supporting this project of Ms Janette, this is awesome.

Janette Toral said...

Hi Kaye. I just included your entry in the raffle masterlist. Hope to see you on September 13. Thank you.