Reuniting With An Old Flame

I used to have a passionate love affair with reading, the kind that gets me in trouble from too much of. When I became a mom, I only get to read when time permits me, and it's not very often these days as I have tons of work. Rarely do I make time for it anymore, and rarer even that I get to read an actual book (as opposed to an e-book, which is readily available in my hard drive).

But, the other day while I was cleaning the house, I found an old book of my grandpa's that I've been meaning to read for the longest time (Degree of Guilt, Richard North Patterson). I decided that I needed a break from work because it's been stressing me so much lately, and reading seemed like the perfect way to unwind.

So here I am, halfway through the book. I realize I really miss this old hobby. I made a promise to myself to buy a couple of books the next time we go out, and I intend to keep that promise no matter what. I've been out of the loop regarding what good books to read, though. Any suggestions?


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OSeƱorita said...

Reading is my favorite way to unwind too.
I suggest any of Paulo Coelho books. Though, I'm into The Songs of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin right now. :D