Even though we're up to our neck in work, we still get bored. At least I do sometimes. Like now. It's been code code code ever since we got back. The only break I got was when I weeded out the undesirable plant growth outside the house the day after we got back. Nothing else is left for me to do outside, and Paulie has sufficiently cleaned the inside of the house, so I'm bored.

Although we watch at least two episodes of Bones (the TV series) at night before we go to sleep, I find myself wanting something else to do. So when I reach this point, I usually play games in my computer or read ebooks. I have read all the ebooks in my phone already, so I am left with choice number one. I have no installed games currently, so I turn to online gaming. There are a lot of free games online such as this one:

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I had a vague idea of how to play the game, because me and my sisters used to play actual cards while growing up. And besides, there were tips appearing on the screen so I'm good. It took a good portion of my hour playing the game, and by the end of the hour it was already dinner, so Paulie had to drag my butt out of my chair so we can all eat.

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