Missing Elijah

My nephew Elijah and my sister Phoebe are not here in Baguio right now. Phoebe decided to prolong her vacation in Bulacan, so they're both with my mom right now. I usually wake up earlier than Paulie and Svet, but Elijah wakes up earlier, so I'm used to seeing him and his mom already in the living room when I get out of our bedroom. Now it's complete silence in the morning until Svet wakes up. No shrieking and singing Elijah nowadays.

That's him when his hair is still long. Although we talk in Skype, it's still different when he was actually here and will suddenly run to me to hug me or call my name out of the blue or something equally sweet. Even Svet looks for him almost everyday. I hope Phoebe decides to go home soon, because we all miss this cute boy dearly.

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rikka said...

weeh....di nga...penge pamasahe..baka miss mo na din kami...hihi!