GT: My One True Love

If I say that my one true love is corn in any form (yes, that yellow crop otherwise known as maize) , I know you will all hunt me down for being so unsweet, so I will take your cue and present to you my other one TRUE love, Mr. Paul Dexter C. IƱigo. Now who is he? I've given bits about him in this blog, but haven't really dedicated a post to worship his name in (LOL). So here we go. He is three years younger than I am (imagine the maturity issues we have. Haha), but sometimes he shows wisdom beyond his years. Note that the operative term here is "sometimes". LOL. He was, as I mentioned in past GTs, not a traditionally sweet person. That means no flowers or roses for me. He did, however, sing to me my favorite songs (he still does up to now, by the way) while playing his guitar (which what made me fall in love with him in the first place). So I guess that qualifies for sweet? Good. *grins*

He is not exactly the greatest housekeeper in the world (he is a stay at home dad) but I don't know of any man who is. LOL. If I am messy, then he is much messier (so imagine how our house looks like on an ordinary day), except when my mom is around. He's kind of scared of my mom. Come to think of it, everybody I know is scared of my mom. Hahaha! He smokes (which I hate) and drinks occasionally, but his alcohol tolerance level is not high. He talks a lot when he's drunk and does absolutely ridiculous things which he cannot remember anything of in the morning. I don't know if he just feigns ignorance because he is too embarrassed to admit that he did what he did. Hahaha!

He loves our daughter to bits (and I love him very much for that) and rocks Svet to sleep while singing her favorite songs. He hugs her when she's hurt and plays with her, and obligingly reads to her the storybooks when she says bak-bak
(Svet talk for chicken, which is always a character in most of her books) and hands over her book of choice to him. He runs around the house after her with a spoon when she doesn't feel like eating much, and patiently teaches her the 123s and the ABCs. He protectively holds her hand while walking on the street and carries her when she's tired. He gives in to her always and plays with her until they're both tired. He kisses her and hugs her every chance he gets.

Strolling at Burnham

Christmas eve at Burnham

Goofing around after the baptismal ceremony

I wrote to him a letter on his birthday (which you can read here), if you can stand the really cheesy. LOL. I intentionally left the computer opened to the tab with my letter's page (I used to work in the wee hours and sleep when Svet an Paulie wakes up), and I fell asleep to the sound of Paulie making awwwww noises in the background. Hee hee. Well, that's my entry for this week. Won't you join us and tell us who your one true love is? You will find a lot of other sugary sweet entries here at Marce Niko's blog, so head over there to feel the Valentine's spirit!

Svet with the world's greatest dad/partner

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Sherry Go Sharing said...

haha.. I dont get flowers and roses too. unless the girl makes him buy!!

I wrote mine at

Genefaith said...

hi last nakakita na rin ako ng photo of your hubby..he..he..yong photo naman ninyong dalawa next time...he..he...minsan lang din ako nakareceive ng flower sa dearie ko ..he..he...

He's such a sweet dad..dearie ko din, mas gusto pa nga ni Hyzyd sa daddy nya kesa sa akin...i admit nagselos din ako minsan..Di pa ako naka post sa GT...I'm soooo sleepy these days:)

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

well men are different talaga, may sweet, meron man of actions, man of few word, et al.. but what we love most about our man is how he takes care of our kids.. diba..

ang pretty ni Svet.. (kelan sya susundan? lol)

By the way, ang ganda ng surname nyo.. i like it..

Seiko said...

You don't get flowers from him yet he can sing a nice & sweet tune for you & your daughter.I guess that sweetness is enough to a person who's really inlove.
Naku Marce about LOVE din pala ang theme dito sa meme ni marce Niko.The last time hindi ako nakasali but then I'll make it up today when I gets home.Nenok lang ako ng time ko hehe shhh!!
I enjoyed reading your entry Marce.Happy Thursday!:D

kamz said...

what a sweet dad paulie is... just like my hubby, he is also not into roses and chocolates and all those stuff. but he did take some time to send me flowers on special occasions esp nung long distance relationship days pa namin. pero now that we're married, wala na! lol!

Chris said...

ahahha.. winner ang post :D

Mommy Liz said...

Mare, ni worship mo eh.hehehe..Ako rin, kapag nakiktia kong sobrang lapit ni rodney sa mga anak namin, parang lalo ko siyang minamahal. Kahit makalat ang asawa ko, super love ko rin, hehehe.. pinromote ang contest.. di ako makagawa ng entry at di ako makaisip, di ako mana sa iyo eh.

Sam said...

yiheeee... how sweet. he's such a sweetheart, and a great dad from what i can see in the pics. love it sis! ;)

niko said...

bigla akong natawa sa iyong fafang barumbado... hihihih eh saken fafang bading na fatsung lol hahha

TL tlga eto :) hahaha

redamethyst said...

for me, super sweet na yung kantahan ka nya while playing guitar. not everybody can do that, it's easier to buy roses and chocolates, right.

I missed this episode so siguro this thursday nalang siguro ang entry ko

zoan said...

kaya nga ba ayaw ko sumali sa GT.. dahil ako po ay dakilang single.. pero ang sweet ng mga posts nyo :D

Sherry Go Sharing said...

love can't be compare with money but sad to see that my friends only see money than love