Five Years Already?

Next month on the twelfth, Paulie and I will be celebrating our fifth year anniversary as partners. Time flies so fast when you enjoy the company of someone, don't you think? Looking back, I cannot believe we've survived everything we've been through the way we did, and it makes me all the more appreciative of what we have now. Not a lot of people I met in the blogosphere know that Paulie and I used to keep this notebook, sort of like a shared diary. Might sound cheesy now, but during that time we were the envy of other couples, to the extent that they, too, decided to keep a shared diary. LOL.

How did that work? We would trade the notebook between ourselves every other day. We do not see each other sometimes, so it helped continue the connection between us even though we're apart. While the notebook is in my safekeeping, I would jot down my thoughts in it, everything that happened to me during the day. He will do the same when the journal is with him, and we will fill the pages until every page of the notebook is used, and then we will buy another one (same brand, same number of pages). We filled three 100-page notebooks doing that. Wow. Three hundred pages of what went on during the early stages of our relationship.

It is one of our vows that we will read all those pages when we reach ten years. How cute it would be to have a trip down the memory lane reading those notebooks. I hope it'll be ten years already, as I am very excited to read those with him.

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Yami said...

Ang sweet! Marce happy anniversary sa inyo in Paulie. :)

Anniversary din namin bukas bale ika-14th. Walang celebration eh. I wish kahit pancit o pizza meron akong maihanda. Waaah!