The Perfect Mosquito Catcher

Would b e my computer monitor. Seriously. I mostly work at nights, when all the lights save for that coming from my monitor are off. Naturally, the mosquitoes are drawn to the bright light of the monitor, so they come to my computer while I'm working. And while they are being lured, I annihilate them all. Which is partly why my screen almost always has traces of the body parts of a mosquito. And sometimes, even small spots of blood, when the bloodsuckers already have fulfilled their mission in life. Oops. Did I just gross you out? I should have warned you not to read this while eating, especially on a very weak stomach. LOL.

It's hard, especially on an LCD screen. I'm afraid to wreck the LCD because of my mosquito-hunting activities.On an old model monitor, I could smack as hard as I can so that the pesky sucker won't have a chance to get away, or smack as many times as needed when the mosquito is quite quick on his wings. But on an LCD I have to be extra careful. Or I might end up with a screen like my cousins', with a big half moon on the dead center of their LCD.

How about you? What's your perfect mosquito catcher?


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