Happy 59th!

I was supposed to post this on the 12th but for some reason (I think that reason being I am such an amnesiac. LOL), I forgot to post this poem I made for Paulie several years back, on the day of our first anniversary. His smile was one of the reasons I fell in love with him, which inspired this poem:

Your smile…

It’s the quiet after a heavy storm

The first sun ray that touches the earth everyday

It’s the stillness of pristine forests

The soothing sound of running water

It’s the sensation of rain streaming down my face

My foothold at sanity, my saving grace

Smile for me always

It’s what my life is made of

It’s what completes my being

It’s what makes this life worth enduring.

And yes. He knows I make poems for him back then, so he's kinda braggy about the fact. Don't make the mistake of mentioning it to him, or he'll launch into one of his "how-she-wooed-me" spiels. LOL.

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