This Blog Is Moving!

I have finally decided. This blog will be moving to WordPress before the year ends (or very early next year, depending on my schedule) and will be redirecting to its own domain. It's really been lonely in here for the last three or four months and I realized that the only way I am going to revive this blog's life is to breathe WordPress air into it and buy it its own domain name. This is my very first baby, see, and I just can't let it go like that. I am not saying goodbye to Blogspot for good. This is, after all, where I first learned how to blog. I will be keeping in touch with this platform as I still design for it, and truth be told, I am still hoping that it will evolve as time pass into something that WordPress has already managed to achieve.

Of course I will still be blogging for this blog, but under a different domain name (please don't ask me what yet, I am still deciding on that. LOL)  and on a different platform. I've had good memories of this blog, and I will carry all of them to a new chapter of this blog's life. Stay tuned for updates! I still have design work to do for at least another two weeks before I can finally sit down and arrange for this blog's transfer. I will be sad to leave the Blogspot platform for my blogging needs, but I will forever be a Blogger girl at heart and continue to make blog designs for this platform and hope to at least make it a more lively place to visit for everyone.


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