Going Green

In our recent Earth Hour participation (yes, we did participate. We went outside the house for one hour and had bonfire), I got to thinking about how else we can contribute to saving Mother Nature (or at the very least, not contributing any further to its degradation). Now N-Viro, a company who aims to make the earth a better place to live by developing and licensing technologies for the treatment and recycling of bio-organic wastes (turning waste to energy as a source of alternative energy), has been helping local government units and other businesses for some time now. Now don't we all wish there were more companies like that? Well, not exactly provide us with renewable energy, opportunity fuels, and clean coal, but at least be more socially responsible in their own ways. For more information about who they are and what exactly do they do, visit their official website at http://www.nviro.com.


Chris said...

hello marce! just wanted to let you know there is i love mother earth tag, you might want to grab it from my chris chronicles site :D

Tetcha said...

Interesting! I'll go visit this site one of these days.

Paula said...

Visiting from BC Bloggers. Have a nice day! :)


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