Happy Birthday Marces Yami & Kikamz!

April is a month full of special people's birthday and today is extra special because two of my marces are celebrating their special day! Woot! So let's greet both of them, starting with marce Yami. I have already met her in person, and she is so warm, much like what you'd feel when you read her posts. I didn't know she was a professional writer (yes she is! And I'm proud to be her marce! Woot!) before she turned work-at-home-mom (I learned by reading her short bio on Barrio Siete), but it's obvious with how well she expresses herself on her blogs. I just didn't realize how "involved" she was with her work before the blogging world. To you marce, the woman who cried because of Fedhz on their first EVER meet-up (BAD Fedhz! LOL), you know I love you dearly and would do anything for you. I miss talking to you on YM (install your messenger! Now na! Tee hee). Oi, don't cry ha? I know you cry easier than the rest of us marces. Hehe. Love you marce! Looking forward to seeing you on June! Don't be absent ha?

And how can we forget my other marce who's celebrating her red-letter day today? I haven't met Kikamz in person due to our geographical distance, but I wish with all my heart that when she comes home to the Philippines, she will meet with us get-together hungry marces. Tee hee. To you marce Ana Karenina (naks!), I know we're not super close right now like I want to, but as they say, there's a time for everything, and I believe we're getting there. I may seem aloof on YM because I haven't talked to you there (even though we're already added on each other's lists) but please know that whenever you need to talk (and YES, even if my status message says I'm busy. That message applies only to non-marces. LOL) I'm just on the other end of the line. Don't worry. Next time I see you online, I'll make you regret you ever added me because I'll chat with you till dawn. Niahehe. Love you marce! Let's meet-up when you come home okay? Looking forward to it!


kamz said...

aww.. this is such a lovely post. di ko inexpect na tutulo luha ko. whaa!!! so sweet of you marce kaye. uu nga, i will meet u all pag me chance makauwi ng pinas. medyo shy nga din kase di pa tayo nagkita in person. but this post is so sweet.. nakakamiss tuloy magbirthday sa pinas where you are surrounded with family and friends. i love you too marce! hugs!

Yami said...

Ikaw ang huli kong kinomentan sa mga marce na nagpost ng bday greet. pero kanina umaga nabasa ko post mo nangilid luha ko tapos sabay nabasa ko pa na don't cry. Waah!

Overwhelming ang feeling kapag alam mo maraming taong nagmamahal at nakaka-alala sa bday mo. kahit minsan absentee marce ako. hehe. since ako naman ang pinaka-nanay na marce, pagpasensyahan na lang tao lang. hehe.

Salamat at nakilala kita thru Marce Peh. Salamat...salamat...Lab you!