Happy Birthday Paula!

Yay! It's Paula's red-letter day today! We may not be as close as I want to be, but we're getting there. Tee hee. I have only met her once at Pehpot's and my first impression was that she's really pretty. The first words she uttered when we met were: "Kapatid mo?" (Is she your sister?), pertaining to Fedhz, whom I came in with the day of Sati's baptism. I talk to her on messenger from time to time, and was thrilled when I learned she was pregnant.

To Paula, this day is yours, so enjoy it with Z and your other baby (the big one. LOL). Happy birthday girl! You're loved by many (especially the BC Bloggers) and I'm sure that God will grace you will all the blessings that you truly deserve. I'm excited to see you again! I hope you attend our two meet-ups on June! ;)

Happy birthday again! Mwah!


Paula said...

Hahaha Pautot ko lang yun so you'll talk to me. Kasi naman I admired you even before we met no ang galing galing mo kasi gumawa ng template at magsulat! wahahaha
Balita ko nga may meet up. I'm sure andun ako pag inimbita ako. hehehe
Thanks for the greetings. Grabe naman ndi ako sanay makita face ko sa andaming blogs buti na lang hindi close up pinili ni pehpot kundi sabunutan ko yun. hahaha

Rossel said...

Happy Birthday, Paula! and thank you very much for creating busy bloggers. you are helping us all in increasing our traffic.

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Clarissa said...

Happy Birthday to your friend,Paula!!Nakikita ko nga cya sa ibang blogs.Best wishes po!!^_^

Enjoy your weekend,dear!!^_^