Beware Of Baguio Thieves

I wasn't able to share with you this immediately because it was preceded by the issue of my sites' downtime and my mind was in a mess those days. Anyways, I might as well tell our story now. And this is not to discourage you from going to the city. This is just to warn you that Baguio is not as thief-free as compared to other cities like it used to be. Me and my sister, together with our children, were walking down Session Road on the way to Tiong-San Harrison when we were kind of stalled in front of McDonald's (in lower Session Road) because of a lot of people were crossing the pedestrian lane and I was kind of distracted by the black smoke coming out of a car exhaust. We have a hunch that's when the thieving happened because moments later, a group of students called my attention and pointed to my open bag.

We immediately looked inside and were shocked to find that my cellphone is missing! Okay, don't hyperventilate yet. It wasn't a big deal to me because it wasn't even an expensive phone. My sister, who uses it (I don't use that cellphone anymore. Haven't for months now.) was the more affected one (she's a text addict). What infuriates me is that I used to feel so safe going to town. We hardly hear of any pickpockets or thieves lurking the roads of Session. Up to that day when we were the victims ourselves. Thinking back, I wish we could have reported it to the police. But we were seriously shell-shocked that day. That was the first time we have been robbed of anything, see. Oh dear.

So when you go here, just please be careful. Especially in that area. The thieves may be operating there regularly, I don't know.

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zoan said...

oh my God, those thieves are good.. i should warn my mother and her sisters because they are planning to visit Baguio this month