Down Everywhere

My domains WAHMaholic and Beauty Queen Gene, as well as my subdomain WAHMaholic Designs are currently down because of bandwidth issues (when did my sites get so popular??). I was not informed that I am nearing my bandwidth limit (is there really no warning when that happens?), so I cannot do anything now but take measures to make sure that does not happen again. So that means you'll be seeing more of me here in the next one to two days. LOL. Damn bandwidth. So here's what's stressing me ever since I woke up this morning:

 No more hassles after this, I swear. Okay, so I'll be off now to install a client's template. I'll post here after we're through :)


kamz said...

oo nga marce, di ako makapasok sa wahmaholic. exceed mo na raw bandwidth mo. gawa pa naman sana ako ng aking post for ur giveaway. milagro kasi at bigla akong nagka-gana mag blog. lol!

Anonymous said...

So that's why my buttons disappeared. I take it its a good thing because your hits are off the charts -- in your case, off the bandwidths ehheehe..