Happy Birthday Seiko!

One special lady is celebrating her red-letter day today! And I guess from, the title of this post you already guessed who it is. LOL. To my marce Seiko, I know we haven't met in person, and haven't really chatted a lot on YM, but I know that because of the bond we have, there will come a time when we will get to know each other better. I am very excited to see you in June (yes marce, bababa ako ng bundok for you and marce Jade. Tee hee)! I know we'll have a fun time by then, and I hope that this day you will have fun with your family too. Happy birthday marce! I hope that all your heart's desires will come true because I know you're such a giving and kind-hearted person. Happy mother's day na rin pala sayo! Mwah!

Oh. I almost forgot your birthday theme. LOL. Good thing I had Pehpot's greeting to you open in another tab. Niahaha! Forgetful me. Anyways, to the woman who has everything, what else can I give but my love and friendship? You know I'd do anything for you and the rest of the marce club, so if there is anything that you might need from me, I'm just here for you. Love you marce! Hope you liked our gifts :)


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Seiko said...

Thank you so much Marce Kaye!You guys really ade my day & I can't thank you enough.I even can't find the right words.Tank you also for the bday present you guys sent me.I do really love it!See you soon Mare!I can't wait to see you on June!Hugs mare ko!MWah!