Inspirational Thoughts

Being a WAHM, as most can imagine, is not easy. Especially for me, since I am the breadwinner of the family. Everything we have comes from what I earn online, and although I have been a WAHM for more than two years now, I still cannot say that I've learned everything there is to know about making money online. So it is still very difficult for me, and sometimes I become frustrated and want to quit. Being a freelancer, jobs do not come everyday, and when they do come, they can sometimes be a huge pain in the you-know-what (which is also true of any job, full-time or part-time). But you know what keeps me going? Paulie and Svet. When I think of how this job has helped our family and how it has allowed me to spend more time with Svet and Paulie compared to if I was working full-time, it feels like I'm the luckiest person alive. True, we might not have much in terms of materials things (I would venture to say that we in fact, have little), but this relationship that we have because of my working at home is something that I will not exchange for any amount of full-time job salary in the world.

Just thinking of Paulie, always understanding me when I am pissed off with work and he becomes the shock absorber, is enough to make me go on. Just hearing Svet in the background talking nonstop about goodness knows what (she speaks in German, at least, me thinks) makes me smile inside and say to myself that "Hey, life's not so bad after all". Just being able to just drop my work to watch them play or play with them I think is very precious, and those moments make my work (heck my life) seem less of a pressure. A lot of people might think that what I do for a living is fun and easy. I have to admit that there are times that it can be that way, but when the low points come, it really tests my endurance as a WAHM. It makes me falter, makes me think twice if I am really up for the challenges, but you know, when you remember that you have a family that you love who needs you, you just go straight on, without a moment's hesitation, without a thought of "What about me?" I know a lot of moms can relate to what I'm saying, and that many of you will agree that indeed, the family is our source of inspiration.


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