2nd Batch Of Sponsorship Pledges

Here's the second batch of sponsors who pledged cash for me and Peh's blogversary contest. We've been getting many $5s (and not enough $50s, methinks. Hee hee) and we're more than halfway towards our target, but we still need MORE sponsors. What can I say? We can't enough of you guys! Click the banner below to comment on the post if you want to sponsor ;)

Thoughts And Obsessions
A personal blog of Mys, a mom, a wife and a blogger who loves participating on blogging memes. Check out her recent entry on TCP.

Just About Anything
This site is just about anything under the sun. The site also features movies every week with its weekly meme Tuesday Couch Potato.

Blog Appetite
This is a journal of a working mom and her day to day adventure with her family, work and anything under the sun.

The Mommy Journey

A great mommy site. A blog that also holds a weekly meme, but this one is about mommies and their kids. This site made it possible for mommy bloggers to have a place to meet each other

Super Gulaman
Random ramblings and short stories from your local superhero, Super Gulaman.

Pen, Paper and Pan
A personal blog of a former tabloid writer. A writer trying her luck on online opportunities and trying to be full time mom at the same time.

Niko's Blog
A personal blog of a first time mom who wishes to be a Stay At Home Mom or a Work At Home Mom when she wins a lottery! :)

Lover's Mushroom
"We call ourselves mushroom lovers back at the time when we have to hide our love BUT while mushrooms are sprouting at its peak during rainy season, we represent a love that endures all weather."

Yena's World
A site that is dedicated to Yena, a little angel that was born out of love and during the time were mushrooms are sprouting, yes, she mushroom baby.

Girls Rule!

A blog that focuses on woman, publishes articles about woman and holds the weekly meme where woman get the chance to talk about their favorite stuffs, their dreams and a lot more.

Online Trends Now

A site that is focused on online news. This blog is maintained by an insane blogger who is obsessed on Online Trends and everything hot on the Internet. Watch out for she might blog about you soon.

Husband of A Blogger
He really has a wife that is a blogger. Oh well, this site is a personal blog of a husband. You might wanna ask who is the blogger wife? Go and head on to his site to know.

Glitter Page
This is a personal blog that talks about online gigs techy stuffs and of course topics that the auhtor fancies.

Here Comes The Bride
A site that features real life weddings. Real life inspirations.

Heart Random
A personal site that post about random things.

This is how it works.. you pledge and you pay. Me and my partner in crime will continuously publish a list of sponsors with a short description of each site. The description is relative to the amount you pledge, if you choose to be a level two sponsor, you will gain two back links when we publish the list of sponsor, for level1 that's 3 backlinks and for level 3 that's 1 back links. And the contest hasn't started yet.. when the contest starts you will be gaining more and more backlinks.. Click on the banner above to know more.
The list below are those who pledged last week and was published last Sunday but we will still include them here, for you to see. Pledges are still accepted and all are welcome to apply (except sites that have adult contents).


niko said...

as in andami ng level 3 noh?? kung alam ko lng 2 blogs ko sana nilagay ko sa level 2 :) sayangers..

pero oks lng may next yr pa naman diba???!!

kamz said...

hehee.. all are welcome to apply except sites that have adult content. oo nga naman.. kasi wholesome tayo lahat!

Genefaith said...

sana marami akong pera sa paypal when I made the pledges para lahat ng blogs ko mairepresent like marce niko..he..he...or to be one of the major sponsors:)

redamethyst said...

kung na-afford ko lang sana ang mga pledges, dapat mas malaki naisponsor kahit hanggang level2

niko said...

may next blogversary pa nmn diba so oks lng?? i can save na for that hihihhi

niko said...

pero kng alam ko lng na ganito ka bonggacious eto nakup level 1 na sana kinuha ko lol bwahahaahahaha

niko said...

hahah natawa naman ako ke gene!!! kalurkey..

napilitan pa ko nyan kasi magttampo si peh! hahaha

Genefaith said...

sinabi mo pa marce Niko...Level 1 sponsors tayo next time..he..he..we still have 1 year to save para pangsponsor..LOL!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

I am still checking which I not review yet

Sherry Go Sharing said...

after review blogs only I realised many bloggers not just having one blog but a few blogs

niko said...

@gene: hihihi sure major sponsor tau!! go girl!!!

niko said...

i wonder kung ganu ka tedious tong pacontest niyo ni peh.. waaaaaaah. di ko keri mag pacontest ng ganto kalufet :D

Sherry Go Sharing said...

hehe.. not that I Don't know just want see again. :D

Sherry Go Sharing said...

just looking again to see who are the sponsors