To Buy Or Not To Buy

Another domain, that is. I'm more partial to buying, right now, what with the earning potential of a domain. I am still thinking of what niche to write on, though. I already have a beauty/fashion blog, and although I am no expert on the subject, I find that I can easily relate to the materials that is expected of such type of blog, which makes it easier for me to compose articles for it.

A health blog might be possible, although I prefer a food blog over that niche. I must be the only blogger in the world left without a food blog to call my very own. I like to visit other food blogs and stare at food pictures (making myself hungry in the process. LOL), but I don't know if I got what it takes to be the author of one. Sure I love to eat, but methinks I at least have to know how to cook something other than fried and boiled food. LOL. Would make adding content to it so much easier.

I should decide soon, no? The more time I waste, the larger income I would lose from such dilly-dallying. Plus, knowing me, it takes me an awful amount of time to decide on a domain name. Sheesh.


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