Thoughts On Blog Distributor

I have taken several writing opportunities from them for my two domains, since I trusted them enough in the start to actually write something for them. The system seems pretty well-thought out, and I was impressed in the beginning. But lately, I've been thinking twice. I had the initial perception that they pay monthly, based on what I read from their FAQ when I first signed up. But when I went back to read it again (prompted by Mys' comment on my post here) , it seems that that's not the case anymore.

More disturbing is the fact that the statement made regarding the date of pay is conflicting on two different parts of the FAQ. One part says:

How often do I get paid?
You get paid once a month.

Further in the the FAQ it stated that:

You will be paid once a month for approved postings from the previous 30 day period.
Yet immediately after the above statement, it said:

The monthly payment for your work in the form of a wire transfer or automatic deposit or check will be sent out to you within five days of the anniversary of the day that your original blog was certified by Blog Distributor.
Errrr, confusing much? When is it, really? I sent an email for clarification but I haven't heard from them yet, and it's been almost a week. Uh-oh. Another red flag. Tell me, has anyone ever been paid by them yet? Any payment proof from Blog Distributor? I would not like to gamble on writing ten to fifteen articles for a company who is not clear on their rules, and does not even bother to reply to bloggers' emails. So here's hoping someone out there knows the answer to my question.


nancy said...

Hello Kaye! I've read your note from PMB over at FB. I am actually a member there too, di nga lang ako active sa ngayon.

But with regards to this post, I share the same suspicion too with BD.I have several approved posts too that's supposed to make me almost 800pesos pero ang ginawa nila they keep on moving the payout sched every time.

Lately I received lots of offers from them pero I emailed them informing na i will only accept reservations as soon as they will release my payout na sana last year pa nila ginawa. I never heard from them after that.

This time, my next payout sched says Feb.3 so we'll see. If wala pa ring mangyari I guess i will just ignore them for good... and perhaps write some posts about them and how they are.

Anonymous said...

The reason that they keep on moving the date of payment is because you need to reach an income of no less than $100. According to them, the money transfer can cost them too much if the minimum payout is not reached. It is a Canadian company, and I am just thinking if there is any big difference from other paying sites, because some pays even if you only reach $2.5 or less. Basically, I am having the same confusion as you are, but only if they will pay me. I actually have more than the minimum payout, and hopefully it will be paid soon. If they pay me, then I will go back to this blog and let you know guys.

Jen said...

Don't work for a company called they are a scam and owe me money. They keep pushing the pay date a month. I have been waiting 2 months for payment, they don't respond to emails or phone calls and make up the rules as they go. It says you get paid once a month its been 2, they don't state how much you have to have in your account in order to get paid, yet they have told other bloggers otherwise. This company is a scam and I wish I could find any social media places they have so I can commit on them to tell people to stay away from them. I am really thinking about going to the companies they have you do blog posts on and tell them they are hiring a company that is a scam and its not paying their bloggers what they owe!

Jen said...

Furthermore I know someone who has more than the $100 and they still have yet to be paid.

KD Forsman said...

I've earned well over the supposed minimum $100 threshold and I'm still waiting. In an effort to get a response from BD I have included my concerns in my paid posting jobs and have submitted the posting as the job. hopefully that will get a reaction!