Stats! Finally!

You may have noticed that I am spending less and less time here on my Blogger blog lately (and I've kinda been thinking of finally redirecting this to a domain, but that's another post altogether), so when I logged in to check for comments I was surprised at the new tab called Stats on the dashboard. I knew of the Stats feature a while back because I log in to Blogger drafts once in a while to check out Blogger improvements, but I didn't know it has come out of the uh, beta state until today.

It's not as comprehensive as what WordPress offers, but good enough for your basic statistics needs. What I liked most was I already know what my top posts are (or at least, the posts that get the highest number of views). I also found out a couple of interesting traffic sources which I should take more advantage of, and I didn't realize that I get so much traffic from those sites until Blogger Stats showed up in the dashboard. Pretty useful for bloggers who get paid to post, as well, because I have noticed some pay to post companies ask for monthly page views and such other statistics from us. It was possible before through the use of third-party data collectors, but now that it's a built-in feature, it makes it all the more convenient to place blog stats. More accurate too, methinks.


riablahgs said...

Ay naku, buti na lng nandyan ka. I don't have to dig deeper into research about blogging stuff...hahahaha. Masubukan nga ito :)

Verna Luga said...

Yun pala yung purpose nun.. kaloka... hehehe... thanks for this info K.. dropping by..