Member's Mark Is On The Mark

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Member's Mark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Anyone who knows me thoroughly will know that I prefer store-brand products over other major brands, especially if in my experience, the standards of the cheaper alternatives are at par with (or sometimes even higher) the more expensive choice. Being the breadwinner in the family opened my eyes to such realities, and I'm glad there are store brands like Member's Mark which offer complete nutrition for baby’s health and development at a lower price.

Speaking of which, Member's Mark has come out with an exciting new packaging for the benefit of its patrons. Every can now comes with an easier-to-read product type, age and benefit indicators, compared to the previous packaging version. This is good news for parents, especially those like me who sometimes fails to read the label correctly and end up buying something other than the intended purchase. It must be noted though that the content is still the same and the formula didn't change, as well as the price points. If anything, Member's Mark is even lower price on some items.

Since Member's Mark continues to meet all strict FDA guidelines, parents can be rest assured that they are still getting the same nutrition that they have come to know of the store brand. It still has DHA and ARA to help support brain and eye development of your child, and is still available at Sam's Club. All that's changed is the product packaging, which they improved in hopes of better consumer information and easier accessibility.

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