Do You Eat What You Can't Spell/ Pronounce?

This was a fun discussion I had in myLot, so I thought I'd bring it up here. I read of this golfer who says that he prefers to eat only the things that he can spell (name is Boo Weekley, for the curious). Which got me to thinking, I would definitely hem and haw before ordering a serving of Bouillabaisse, or telling the girl at the supermarket that I want half a kilo of gewurztraminer grapes, or asking for the waiter to get me a fondue Bourguignonne, or a plate of tteokbokgi, or a bottle of viognier because I'm really thirsty, or a meal consisting of Carpaccio de Boeuf, Soupe a l'Orignon and Avocat et Oeufs a la Mousse de Crabe.

Excuse my French. I mean really, excuse my French. LOL.

It's a good thing I can already use the copy paste function, since I honestly CANNOT spell those food I just mentioned! Haha! Do you think they make it hard to spell and pronounce just so they can sell it more expensively? Tee hee.


fedhz said...

aba malay ko jan. kahit kaya kong sabihin ang balut or aso, ayaw ko pa din kainin un. hmf

Val said...

Yep, I eat quite a bit I can't spell and it's funny you brought up the grapes because it's my Mom's fav wine and we were talking about it last night and neither one of us can pronounce it. lol I eat sushi so I can't pronounce or spell some of the good ones. I just mess it up and point on the menu. We watch a lot of foodnetwork and travel channel, so I think food wise I may be able to pronounce a few extra's. I've never been anywhere that served french cuisine though.

Tetcha said...

It's fun to try different foods, but I'll make sure to ask what a particular dish consists of, so I won't make a fool of myself, or I'll do my research ahead of time so I'll be a little equipped. LOL!

Anonymous said...

As long as someone can translate, I can eat:) Even if I cannot pronounce it! It would be a great tragedy to pass up an amazing dish just because I was too embarrassed or proud that I couldn't pronounce it!

riablahgs said...

This cracked me up! Tilapia and galunggong na lng pls with manga and bagoong on the side ;)

Kaya pagdating sa mga French cuisine, I ask my daughter (she's studying French as part of her curriculum in school...lucky her!) kung paano bigkasin eh, para di mapahiya...hahahaha.

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