Food Blog Name

So. I'm over the to buy or not to buy stage and have decided a couple of days back that I will buy a food blog of my own. Now I'm in the stage of deciding what domain name to purchase, and if you know me, you know that it usually takes me up to a week to finally settle on a good domain name. I already have several choices, all of which I showed Fedhz. She picked a couple from the list, two of which I am more partial to as well, but I am not closing the list yet, as I feel I could think of more catchy domain names than what I already have.

Of course you'll hear from me when I settle on that one perfect domain name for my food blog. I'll be launching it, after all. I just hope I can think of a good one sooner than later, so that I can start blogging on it and earn from it a couple of months from now. Wish me luck! ^^


Tetcha said...

Good luck on your food blog. I'm sure it'll be a hit just like the rest of your blogs.

bonz said...

hope to see your food blog up and running soon!

take care!