All We Need Is Love

My mom and my aunt (one of the people in my life closest to my heart) got into a misunderstanding a couple of months back. I'm not at liberty to discuss the details, as it is a rather very personal family affair that seemed to have gone from innocuous enough to just plain ugly. Who started the silent war between the two, I can only guess, but during those times that they were not speaking to each other and have completely ignored each other on Facebook, I was naturally sad. To see the two women I most love in the world not in good terms, of course it broke my heart.

I did what I know what to do, that is, try to get them into speaking terms again even if it was just to say hi to each other. I miss their banter filling my Facebook News Feed, and I felt it was somehow my duty to help them make amends with each other. I would always manage to talk about my aunt in a good way while me and my mom talk, and I would do the same when me and my aunt would talk through Facebook messaging. Today I found out that my mom has removed my aunt from her blocked list (seriously, they are like highschoolers sometimes) and my aunt, well she has been expressing an intention to talk to my mom for quite some time. Ain't that a good news? Turns out they can't stand to be without each other for very long. I guess they just took some time off to clear their minds and be at peace with themselves.

I feel so happy right now that I feel a bit giddy. It wasn't only me who was responsible for their decision, of course. Me and my sisters as well as my aunt's children have been hard at work bringing them back together. All's well now, I think. Of course I can't be certain that it will stay that way until forever, but for the time being I will enjoy what peacefulness between them they offer.


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